Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Weather Is Beautiful. Celebrate!

When the weather is giving you warm and sunny day, you have got to celebrate! Being cooped up in the house during the colder months, you are going to want to see Mr. sun again and being outside is such a relief!

Pink shirt: Thrift-ed $1 a sack
Skirt: Thrift-ed. Altered and I added the lace on the bottom. $1 a sack
Moccasins: Thrift-ed 25cents

Even my little girl knows what a beautiful weather it is. 
While it is pleasant outside, let's celebrate!


  1. was here paying a visit :D

    you are such natural model heheheh always love your pose and beauty :D

  2. even the baby is celebrating for the beautiful weather..ang cute ng smile nya!!!

    ..from BPC #79.

  3. always jud ka nice mo-pose mommy Adin! barato kaayo imong mga outfits! love them! and si little princess?? lovin' the weather too! bpc 79 hop here.

  4. love the outfit Momi :-) look gorgeous as always :-) your baby girl is so adorable :-) Returning the visit from #80 of BPC

  5. Adin, unsa imo gigamit nga lace sa palda? I bought some Goodwill skirts that I wanted to alter, first time nako, but I don't know what lace to sew in nga dili ko maglisud ug tahi. duh, mahal mag-buy so alteration and Goodwill jud...bpc hop!

  6. sexy! mami, asa naman nimo g butang imong bilbil...murag wala man lang ka nanganak...I so envy your hotness...ehehhehe! so sexy....and the little cutie is getting bigger each day!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  7. sexy momma! laki na ng baby mo ... how time flies!

    bpc hop:

  8. Ka-sexy nimo Mommy Adin oi! Maulaw ko makigtapad nimo kay payat kaayo ka for a mom of two unya baby pa kaayo si Baby number 2. Ako ani, wa jud kaugmaon. Lol.

    Looks like a gorgeous weather you've had there! Kami pud diri ga-enjoy na sa warm days! :)

    BPC hop!

  9. Such a cute baby.. And yeah, that is true..Enjoy gyud ang weather:)

    Visiting for #80 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  10. Super thrifted naman ang mga yan! :D Wish ko lang ako din may nose for thrifted items ^^ By the way, ganyan ka ba talaga kaganda kahit sa bahay ka lang? You always look gorgeous sa mga pics kahit nakapambahay lang ;)

  11. ang cute ni baby! he is enjoying the weather too.

    late visit from BPC

  12. is back here for BPC #80

  13. happy si ko effetcng mga photos mo dito mommy..
    and your sexy..hehehe
    Visiting late from BPC79..have a nice day!

  14. oi parang same lang yung entry mo sa BPC 79 at 80 mommy..
    check mo daw..hhehee
    Visiting late from BPC80..have a nice day!


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