Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Miss My Bike Ride!

Prior to having a baby, my husband and I would always go on a 6-mile to 10-mile country road bike ride like every day. I love the feeling after a long bike ride as I know I have accomplished something and I got a really good work done staying fit and in shape. Sometimes my husband would go running, while I follow him on a bike along with our two dogs. Since then I really got into a habit on going on a bike ride every afternoon right after my husband comes home from work. I got into it a lot that I even bought myself one of those bike shorts with butt pad and a seat pad because the longer the bike ride gets, the more sore I get down there, you know! Country roads don't have that smooth surface so sometimes there are gravel and you go up and down the hill, it's really rough, but it was exciting! I miss that a lot! Now that we have kids, it is hard for us just to get up and go and saddle up on the bike. It's just not that easy anymore, but we planned on going on a bike trip someday when our little man is old enough to ride his own bike and my husband can load up our little girl in the bike seat. We were thinking we go somewhere where there are some bike trails to ride, then just park our vehicle somewhere safe, take off from there on a bike, then just keep on biking until we get to the next town, rest there and go on the next day until we had enough biking, then come back home. That would be awesome! That means I have to double up my workout so I can survive the trip. Well, I have few years to get ready so that should be enough. My husband and my sister-in-law did that once somewhere where they took off on a bike ride for days. I really would love to go on a bike ride again. Oh well! I guess for now I'll settle with running and walking around our yard trail. Here are some photos of me on a country road ride with our dogs. These dogs would follow us every time we go.

With our dogs Spink and Earl.

Every time we pass by this creek, they would always go for a swim just to cool off a bit.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Awwwww you have beautiful dogs Mami Adin. I have the same shorts that you have, pink nga lang ang akin hehehe.. As usual, fan mo ko sa poses mo hehehe.

    Thank you for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Finding Beauty in a shadow. Have a blessed Sunday.


  2. wootwew! ang sexy mo sis hehe me too i miss biking and hoping to do it soon ;) cute nang mga doggies mo ; D visiting from 366 bpc.

  3. I love your dogs - they're beautiful!! The cows in the top photos look like they're pleased to have their photos taken, too. :)

  4. you look good Momi :-) I use to do biking too near the creek but we move from that place. The dogs are cute :-) they needed that water as they warm easily :-) Visiting from #78 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  5. Your dogs look like they are enjoying themselves in the creek. Maybe you'll join them sometime? :)

    Cactus Shadows

  6. How charming! Most of the time these are my dreams - bike-riding, dogs, countryside instead of high heels, elevators, and traffic pollution.

    P.S. I read your 'about' and I'm glad you like vintage because I do too. Did you smell antiques too? :)

  7. Bike riding in the country area must be so good for body and soul! A collection of delightful photos!

    1. my, i just love your photos. i must envy ur camera. really.
      the scenery is awesome, too.

      i'm sure u will get back to the trail soon.

  8. it's sounds really fun to go on a bike ride. Especially with such beautiful country scenery. We have only the roads to ride our bikes on and the fumes from the cars are not exactly the right kind of air. Your dogs are super adorable...they look huge.


  9. i hear you sis! before we had our 2nd baby, hubby and i also used to jog and walk in the mornings, but when the baby arrived, time is so hard to find... hehehe... same like you, when my two little boys are big enough, we all can go jog or walk together. bpc 78 visit.

  10. pagkasexy.... weet weett

    Bpc hop. check mine here:

  11. wow, what a great time doing a bike ride and the two wonderful dogs, they're so sweet together splashing to swim in the water. great pose! you're very pretty!

  12. wow 6-10mi...murag hangoson nako ana ug pedal mami...ehehhee! ka slim man jud kau woi...well, am sure puhon back to your regular bike riding habit nasad ka...karon tulod lang sa ug stroller...ehhehe...joke!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  13. wow, 6 to 10 miles every day? kaya naman pala you looked (and still look) so fit, adin! your place there looks so quaint ah, parang dito din sa'min :D

    here for BPC :)

  14. sounds so much fun! love the country. i wish i know how to ride a bike. dili dyud ko kabalo masking unsaon. mahadlok pud ko. hehe

    from BPC

  15. witwiw! ang sexy!

    but my attention caught by those clips..are those wooden clips?

    dropping by from BPC!

  16. That's the way to keep fit and trim! Kudos to you, your husband and your dogs!

  17. I love biking, too! We do the same thing when we didn't have a child yet until Triz was born and pwede na mag-uban-uban. Now that it's getting warmer, pwede na pud maka-bike again, but not me. :( Next year nalang pud akong biking session!

    I love your place Mommy Adin! Daghan bakahan o, libre sud-an! Lol.

    BPC hop!

  18. I admire you for your biking trips as well as your plan to have your kids to bike with you along with the hubby when they are grown up :) Wow! I do not have your stamina to bike :) Thanks for the visit.

  19. That is a great exercise..

    Visiting for #78 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  20. Bike riding in the country side sounds relaxing.

    You dogs are beautiful.

    Late BPC hop!

  21. Labrador na? lingaw jud ning iro ba, naay signature nga adtuan...hayz, i wanted to go biking too..i miss being active...bpc hop.

  22. sad to say..hindi ako marunong mag bike..heheh.
    frpm BPC


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