Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils

No! I am no witch, but I do have me some potions. Essential oils that is! I didn't know much about essential oils before until I first saw this show on Veria channel about aromatherapy, and how you can apply that to better your lives. This show called "Everybody Nose" by Noelle Katai is amazing! It's the reason that I am hooked on aromatherapy and using essential oils as my alternative for house cleaners, insect and bug repellent, skin care, sanitizer, etc. I am slowly learning things about aromatherapy this time and right now I have few essential oils collected that I am currently using. If you ask me why I chose this way, it's because I know that with essential oils it is safer for us and for our health, since there aren't any harsh chemicals and I would say it is safer for the environment as well.

Here are few of my collections:
My essential oils so far. These are the ones that I use around the house and just this morning, I was mixing up some homemade Aromatherapy Insect Repellent from the recipe I got from the show. Since the weather is starting to warm up and insects or mosquitoes are coming back, we need protection from them, so with this stuff insects be gone! It smells a whole lot better than the ones you buy at the store that has this harsh chemical smell. I love this stuff! I also use essential oils for my kitchen and bathroom cleaners, wood polisher, homemade cloth wipes, for laundry, carpet deodorizer, etc. 

Note: This is not the right bottle. You have to have a dark bottle so that the sunlight won't suck the life out of your oils. I have to get me some the next time we go out of town. For now, I am keeping this away from sun exposure.

I keep my essential oils in this beautiful Vintage tin that I thrifted a year a go and it  is on the higher shelf in the kitchen so the kids won't be able to reach it. 

Note: I am not paid to advertise the product. I purchased the product myself, and I just thought it is worth sharing and that you guys might find it helpful. 


  1. this is neat... you can personalize your own preferred scents

    mine is up and hope to see you there

  2. what a collections you have Momi :-) super love them :-) love the tin can too :-) Visiting from #84 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. Which one of those scents is your favorite, Adin? Are those oils expensive? I don't know if you've heard of Just-A-Drop - I'm not really sure if that can be considered as an essential oil, but I guess you could because it's safe for the environment and non-chemical (I think), and it is eucalyptus scent as well. Basically, it's a personal bathroom odor eliminator, so just one drop before you go and neutralizes any embarrassing odor ;)

    Here for BPC ^^

  4. Hi there, sexy!
    Thank you for stopping by. Those essential oils are a bit pricey and it comes from a tiny bottle. Some of them like 10ml and it's $3 or more, but it lasts longer because you only need few drops of it when you use it and mix it into something. You can look at it on Amazon. I like buying from Edens Garden. Essential oils are pure oils that comes from plant so Just-A-Drop is really not an essential oil, but has eucalyptus oil mix in it for aroma. :) I use my own bathroom cleaner using distilled vinegar, distilled water, cinnamon bark essential oil, lemon oil and clove oil. So it is like Just-A-Drop that has mixes of essential oils in it. The one that I really get a lot of uses is the TEA tree oil which is a anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial type of oil. My fave are lavender and peppermint. I still need more though since I want to possibly have all the essential oils.

  5. nice collection huh .. great and it seems it smells good.. hmmmp.. mixing is great..

    visit from blog photo challenge.

  6. asa pud ka gapalit aning essential oils nimo? i'm into aromatherapy pud, pero so far, sa bath and body ra ko nga oils - specially the eucalyptus spearmint - kay stress relief jud. i would want to try body shop pero mahal kaau ang price, makawingig. the other thing i wanted to try is how to get the essential oils from the plant itself (karon ra nako nahuna2an). maybe u can make a post sharing your oils that we can use in our own homes too? blog hop!

    1. Hey girl how are you? Take care yourself and good luck on studying! Anyway, about my essential oils, I bought it on and I like to buy it from Edens Garden. They are pretty expensive for sure, but sometimes they do have some that are on sale. Talking about extracting oils from the plants takes some special equipment to extract the oil. I better just buy it, than trying to make our own. hahahaha.... I'll share some recipes from time to time about how to use the oils next time. :) I like to buy the 100% essential oils, then just mix up my own recipe if I want to use it for bathrooms, bedrooms, for the kitchen, for laundry, etc. In that way dugay mahurot ang oils kay by few drops raman ang kinahanglanon. Ang kana gud na mapalit nimo sa bath and body mahal pod sya kay naa naman gud na sya mix na other ingredient dili man sya ang pure na essential oils. :) so I would say better make your own that way. :) Take care!

  7. oh,my! kadaghan sa variety sa imong potion cool!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  8. I like that.. Super cool!

    Visiting for #84 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  9. your potions are intriguing!

    my entry for this bpc:

  10. wow those are great stuff! i would love to try them. para ma iba naman ang mood

    from BPC

  11. You made me curious about aromatherapy :) Thanks for the visit :)

  12. Those are amazing essentials! Pero wala koy tiyaga mag-kuri-kuri ani ba. Good for you Mommy Adin! Nice jud na kay safety for you and the environment. Makaibog! :)

    BPC 84 hop!

  13. wow must try...This is from the challenge.

  14. I tried using some in the house but my wife doesn't seem to like them around even the freshers in the car. More so when she was still pregnant with our son.

  15. ah daghana ug potion oi...abi nako ga-andam ka ug potion para kay hubby joke Adin..hehe was here for GM.

  16. wow, quite a potion, do you have something that can make someone loving and kind, LOL. thanks for the share and hope to see you again on next green monday meme

    thanks much.

  17. love all the potions Momi Adin :-) so unique and so created :-) Dropping by from last week's GM


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