Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bag For Grab!

I have been busy lately with the sewing and everything and thank God our power line problem is now solved! Thank you City workers for the great work! Anyway, I have one customized bag that I have been working on and I am shooting for Friday to hopefully mail it to mommy Shiela. Mommy, please forgive me as it has taken me this long to finish your bag, but I will get it done for sure. Aside from working on the camera bag, I managed to whip up some tote bags and here is one of them. More tote bags are up once I get everything done.

Measurement: 16"W x 16"L x 3 1/2"D The strap is 8" from the top of the bag up. Plenty of room so you can put it up on your shoulder.
It does not have a pocket inside, but plenty of room. It has an interior lining and a vintage lace trim on the bottom with my new name tag.

It is perfect for an everyday tote bag to carry all your everyday necessities with lots of room to fill. It can be use as grocery bag, beach bag, or even a diaper bag for that really casual day while out and about.

The straps are made out of soft webbing.
It is sturdy and can load up tons of girly or baby things in this fun print tote bag.


  1. Very nice tote Mommy Adin! As in kugihan sab ka magsew :-)

    Visiting for BPC! here is mine

  2. Oi na thank you pretty lady C and mommy Bless!

  3. wow!! pretty bag...perfect for all the baby stuff I bring... hehehe...milk, diaper, extra clothes, my mobile fone, wallet, etc... bpc hop here.

  4. Wow! Ka-talented jud nimo Mommy Adin! hats off jud ko nimo ba! All around kaayo imong beauty! I love huge purses myself; this one is absolutely beautiful. As in Adin brand jud. Nice! :)

    BPC hop!

  5. awww! so talented of you Momi Adin, great job!!! love the design and color :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  6. Wow, you are talented indeed Adin. It looks like. The colors of the prints is suited for spring. Nice!

  7. oh that is super cute! maau pa ka sis Adin that you know how to sew! when i was little, i was so lazy to do my projects, i make my mom do it. hehehehe

    from BPC, mine is up already

  8. kabalo diay ka manahi Adin? nice imo tote bag duh! Visiting from #102 BPC.

  9. I like the straps so durable looking. And, yes for me it will be my diaper bag:)

    Visiting for 102 challenge- hope you cans top by:)


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