Monday, April 9, 2012

SAHM Style: A Pop Of Color

Nothing much happening in our household except for some power line problem. It all started last weekend with an explosion happened early in the morning. Something happen to our plug thingy that it just exploded and scared the living daylight out of me. Surely woke me up and I was not sleepy at all after that. Since then our DVR no longer work, which means no TV time anymore until we got a new DVR from Dish. Not only that, our appliances no longer work up to its full power like our microwave no longer heats our food, our washing machine does not work well, when I turn the TV on our computer and our internet goes off. I mean it is a total power chaos around our house and an electricity guy is coming to check our line. We were even surprised that we still have the computer working or else it is a total bore in this house. Thank goodness my kids keep me busy and entertained. I would surely be glad when things are back to normal around this house. One more reason that we have to get out of here and move out of town. Goodness gracious! 

Anyway, even for such a chaotic week, here is a post of my SAHM style hoping to inspire you as well. Just because we are a stay-at-home-mom doesn't mean we can't look our best. Have a great one! I better go and finish up something before my sewing machine doesn't work as well.

 Scarf: Old Navy ?
Black Sweater: Thrift-ed $1
Skirt: A gift from a friend years ago for Christmas. She bought it from a store in Philippines called "MALDITA."
Tights: Walmart ?
Shoes: Type Z via

I love this skirt so much. It makes me feel sexy when I wear it. When we go back to Philippines, I am going to look for this place that sells this skirt. I am buying me some sexy skirt! She got me this before I got pregnant with my first one and now I have two kids it still fits me. Awesome! 

So much for the warm summer like weather. It was foggy this morning, like really thick fog I could not see the field behind our house. It was scary and dangerous drive this morning for sure. Not only foggy, but cold as well. Looks like we will have cool week ahead, but that is okay I am not complaining. I better enjoy this before the cruel summer strikes. Enjoy your evening/morning, everyone! 


  1. Love this outfit and your scarf just popped out beautifully!


  2. Maibog jud ko anang imong Thrifted stuff Mommy Adin! Bisan Thrift Stores diri kay wala may tag-$1, tag $3 something man japon ang cheapest nga akong makit-an for myself. :( I love the skirt diay. Used to buy Maldita brands back home. You look fabulous! And the saying... wow! So timely! That's because there's this two Pinay souls nga trying hard kaayo magpa-sexy through their attire to the point nga di na gani bagay and papansin na kaayo. Pero ang isa nuon nag modest and conservative ug looks, mao nuon ang gipansin sa isa ka soul nga sexy. :) Mao na diha! Lol.

    BPC hop ko diri.

    1. Dala pod ni pa bati2x ning picture nako mommy nga naa sayings kay naa tawo sa akoa friendslist sa Facebook nga trying hard kaayo to the point hapit nalang magladlad pastilan maulaw ta oi labi na ug anakan na.. plus naa pod wanggits nga samukan kaayo sa akoa bantayan ko permi ug unsa mga pictures akoa e post sa Facebook nya mao lagi tong gi ingnan ko lusyang na kuno ko kay duha na ug anak wala na kuno ko sexy photos.. hahahaha.... problema nya ug wala koy sexy photos kay ang iyaha definition sa sexy kay kanang prehas nya magsanina taga lasang pinapuok and pinaipit jud pagmaayo and pinakita jud ug too much skin. Bleh! Luod kay tigulang and nangapo na sya dili bagay sa iyaha. To me modest akoa style and I love it that way. hehehe... Salamat mommy Rcel! :)

  3. This is a very cool look, Adin; I love that bright scarf. Sorry about all the electrical problems, I hope they are fixed soon! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, and here's to a more peaceful week ahead : >

  4. A beautiful outfit and beautiful you. That's a lovely scarf, it stands out. I'm glad some of your outfits here are from the Philippines.

    Thanks for linking to 366 BPC Adin.

  5. The outfit looks good on you. The scarf really stands out because of the color..

    Visiting for 100 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. you look fabulous! The pencil skirt is sleek and streamline, very flattering for your figure. Great outfit! The scarf is a nice color accent too. Yes I totally agree a SAHM should dress up and look good.


  7. you look beautiful as always Momi Adin :-) love the skirt and the high-heeled shoes :-) looking fab all the time :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  8. nice bitaw ang skirt...kaayo jud nimo moposing Adin hehe. Visiting from BPC.

  9. wow, you look stunningly beautiful! lovew the outfit, it's perfect!

  10. Gorgeous! I love how you accented your black and gray motiff with a neon green scarf ;) Wish I can be bold like that when it comes to play in colors with my ensemble ^^

    Here for BPC, and followed you back here via GFC ^^


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