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Bunnzoo Cloth Diaper Review

I guess I should say cloth diapers review since a good friend of mine sent me two cloth diapers for free. Mommy Michell Breyer who has an online store called Bunnzoo sells cloth diapers, baby clothes and other items that she herself made. She is such a generous person that she sent me two of her homemade cloth diapers that I am about to do a review. This is actually a long overdue review and I just now got to doing it. As I have promised, here is my review(s) and I want to start with the red one.

Two homemade Bunnzoo cloth diapers.
These are made out of t-shirts.

This red diaper is called the One-size (OS) fitted diaper and it is not waterproof. You will need a waterproof cover for this one, but you can always leave it as it is and just change the diaper when it feels damp. In that way, the skin can breathe and it's healthy on the baby bum. Michell Breyer made this diaper out of an unwanted t-shirt and it came with two thin t-shirt liners inside. It is a snap closure with three size settings for small, medium and large settings and that makes this diaper an OS or one-size diaper. The leg part has an adjustable elastic so you can really get that good fit around your baby's legs and on the back elastic as well, as you can see in the photo below. I am really loving this fitted style and that serged edge of the diaper. I like it because it does not leave a red mark or line on my baby's skin and hence the name fitted, it really fits well on her bum. This diaper does work and lasted about two (2) to three (3) hours before it was time to change the diaper. At first try I let my baby girl wear it for two (2) hours without the cover and it worked. Next wear, I used the FLIP cover and it still works. Whenever I use this diaper on my baby, I would either use the FLIP cover, the cotton babies cover or even the cover that I made myself and it still works well. No leaks! Thank you so much mommy Michell Breyer for this one. I can't say anything bad about this diaper. It's cute, it works, and I sure would love to have another one of this style.

Adjustable elastic on the back and on the leg area. 

 Adjustable leg elastic for a good fit.

 Adjustable back elastic for a good fit.

 OS fitted diaper. It needs waterproof cover.

I prefer using snaps than Velcro because it lasts longer even though Velcro is quick and easy to strap on and off.

And look at her wearing the red diaper for the first time. So cute and soft on the bum as well. I would say that this cloth diaper really works!

Now onward to the blue diaper. 
This diaper is also made from unwanted t-shirt. 
This diaper is called the One-size (OS) All-In-One (AIO) diaper. It has no pocket to stuff the liners in, although it came with three snap-on thin t-shirt liners, so all you have to do is to snap on the three liners onto the diaper. No need for stuffing inside. 
It has a PUL (Polyurethane Laminated fabric) sandwiched inside the two t-shirt materials, so it makes this diaper a waterproof one. No need for waterproof cover anymore.

Do you see those two snaps in the middle? That is where you snap on the three liners that came with it. So easy to use! First time my little girl wore it, it works really well and it lasted for three (3) hours. I would usually change diapers in two hours, but I wanted to test out the capacity to this diaper so I did wait up to three hours. No leak problems at all, although it left red marks on my little girl's legs. The material is a bit thick on the leg area that it buries into her skin and leaves a red mark. Maybe if it wasn't too thick of a material that it won't do that. I would actually love it if it has the same design as the red one as it softer on the baby's legs. That is my only concern about this diaper, but other than that it works really well. I am happy with my freebie diapers. All in all, mommy Michell Breyer of Bunnzoo did a great job making these homemade diapers. Thank you so much, Michell! 


 I love the fun colors of the snaps on this diaper. 
A snap closure diaper, has three settings for small, medium and large sizes.
The elastic is not adjustable unlike the red one.

Don't you just love that cute little bum? That is one reason I am sold on using cloth diapering. You can never get that from disposable ones. I wash these cloth diapers just like my other diapers that I bought from other online stores.

If you want to find out more about Michell and her homemade items, make sure to visit Bunnzoo and see some of her cute homemade and affordable cloth diapers. And while you are at it, make sure to check out her freebie diapers for love as she is giving away diapers to mommies out there for free, except you have to pay for the shipping which only costs about $2.99 or something like that. Not bad, huh?

It is actually a great deal because if you are a mom interested in cloth diapering, you can try this one first and see if you would actually like CDing and get the hang of it before you buy more cloth diapers. Make sure to stop buy and check out Michell! Let us support homemade!


  1. This is such a brilliant idea to upcycle t-shirts. I have heard of them but this is my first time seeing them. I think they look way cuter than I imagined. Your baby looks so happy...haha...I bet it must be super comfy.


    1. Thank you Mongs! Cloth diapers have gone way cuter than the old ones that my mama used on me when I was a baby. Not our grandma's cloth diapers for sure. They are way cuter and comes in fun prints and colors. Definitely lovely! :) hehehe...

  2. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. those cloth diaper really rocks and the pretty girl is enjoying it too :-) she is so cute :-) Returning from BPC.

  4. what a cute baby in her BLUE cloth diaper, a pretty and happy model too :-) Dropping by from BM

  5. Si Selby ba, pagka-cutipie naman lang jud oi! :))

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  6. Sa diapers pa lang fashionista na, how much more pag laki nya? ;)

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  8. Look at that smile! Ang cute cute talaga ng baby mo!

  9. yeah she is so talented, wish I have known about cloth diaper...we are doing alright just some amusing things on the sideline...wala koy creation oi just sewing some rip clothes and loose button kita ko sa imong creation gives me some motivation to do it...thanks!

  10. Beautiful cloth diapers. Pretty designs. One thing's great cloth diapers as I see it is the design. You can buy in different colors and designs compared to the disposable ones.

  11. i've seen cloth diapers here too but never bothered to buy one. with my eldest i used the "old" style of cloth diapers, for the little baby now, i used disposable. so true, nagkaka-red marks yung legs ni baby with the disposable ones. your little princess is such a happy baby! bpc hop here.

  12. wow love it mommy Adin! it fits pefect to ur little one. looks comfortable too..

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  13. Beautiful diapers..Like the cute designs..

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  14. I like their diapers, cute and color and design...ang model is the cutest of them all hehe. BPC blog hop here.

  15. Those cloth diaper really rocks and perfect for the boy. I like this pattern and colour. You can buy in different colors and designs compared to the disposable ones.

  16. beautiful cloth diaper for the pretty girl :-) Dropping by from GM

  17. wee, so lovely, cloth diaper are really pricey in our place but i was able to get a few. it's good thing there because you get a chance to review things like that.

    thanks for joining and hope to see you again
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    1. Yep, they don't come that cheap. There are some out there that are sold for $6.50 or something like that, but they're not that cheap at all. I think a cover would be ideal for Pinas since mahal ang mga cloth diapers. Siguro pagmagpalit ug covers then just use a shirt that you don't use anymore or kadtong mga prefolds na hinimo sa sako sa harina kay absorbent man to or something like that. I keep encouraging my mama to make some cloth diaper sa pinas. I hope she will go for it and I'll help her buy the materials. hehehe.. Thanks for stopping by!


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