Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

We took a short trip across Kansas last week along with our two kids and like I said on my post earlier, it was our little girl's first official road trip with the family. It ended up a good trip and we came home safe and sound. Literally, the trip was about 400-mile trip and with that amount of time driving with kids, we had to make some stops to give us some break time and just relax before hitting the road again. We have been traveling long miles even before the babies came and now that we have kids, we want them to get used to it as well and love it. So far they both love to travel, which is a good thing.

Anyway, on our way back home to Chetopa, we decided to stop at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

Gates, Oklahoma

Are we there yet?

We're here!

Are we in another planet?

I am not going to lie I freaked out driving through there because at first in my head I was like "what if we sink or something? Please, don't drive off the road." I was weird! Duh! I didn't know anything about this place until my husband told us we are going to a place where it's salty. I thought we are going to a beach, but there is no ocean around Oklahoma. And this is what welcomed us! Beautiful, isn't it? Curious about the place and if it really is salty, I tasted it. Yes! The silly me really tasted it and it's salty, so now you know and don't have to do it yourself because I just tasted if for you.

A lake turned to salt.

Immediately went to dig for some Selenite crystals.

Since I did not get to take photos of the Selenite crystals we dug out, some of them are really in cute shape, this is what it looks like. Digging for selenite crystals was fun even though they really worth nothing. It was fun to learn about them and the place. At least, we got some time to explore a new place and our kids had some time to be out of the vehicle. Mother nature never cease to impress us.

(Another one of Harley's naked moments.)

(Our little traveler.)

The clouds were beautiful that day.

The salt plains were also used as a bombing and strafing during the World War II.
Next time you are around Oklahoma, you might want to stop by at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge and see it for yourself.


  1. Cool! This place looks awesome. I would, I mean my kids would go nuts running around this place. LOL!

  2. yay! for the little traveler for doing great on the road :-) beautiful pictures and views too :-) Returning from BPC


  3. Wow what an amazing place! I never would have expected it either but what a plesant surprise!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  4. Hala as in? kaya pala tinawag na Salt Plains. Such a lovely sceneries. it sure was a fun road trip for your whole family.

  5. wow! that's so cool! and it's really really plain! very nice place indeed! maybe Harley feels hot mao nag hubo na pud sya mommy... hehehe... bpc hop!

  6. Wow, such vast plains! Very interesting! Here for TT, hope you could visit me too!

  7. That place looks interesting! I haven't seen anything like that before.

  8. Grabe jud ka nice ani nga place ba! I would really love to visit this someday! there's one, too in Utah, Mommy Adin. Ing-ani japon. :)

    BPC hop!

  9. looks like a one fine day! beautiful photos sis! maau imong kids dili mag whine. katong c clayton ga hilak sya. kay unsaons... ang iyang seat gamating na sa iyaha. hehehe.. ug gusto mag atubang na. pero karon ok na sya.. dili na sya naga whine, kay matulog lang man. tulugan lang man ka. hehehehe

    from TT

  10. BUti pa kayo dyan pwede magdrive to go to the ocean hehehe. LOve the photos.

    Visiting from TT, come see Our Travels

    1. hahaha.... wish we have the ocean near us pero I don't know why kung bakit nagsalt e hindi naman to dagat. Lake to sya na nagsalt. Dami sigurong salt content sa sand kaya siguro kahit lake sya.

  11. Great shots! What an adventure for the family..

    Visiting for 115 challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  12. Wow! what a great adventure. the place is very nice. I want to visit the place and dig some selenite crystals.hehe visiting from 366 BPC


  13. visiting again from BPC!!


  14. selenite must be nice for jewelry sis? nice to know that place is abundant of natural gems. hope you could visit my Tuesday Travels :)

  15. beautiful views and pictures of the family Momi Adin :-) miss the feel of the sand on my feet :-) Dropping by from TT

  16. I am back here, Mommy Adin for TT hop from last week's! :)

    I always find it amazing how these sea of salts landed on this place. I hope to step foot on this place someday! :)

    Please join again for this week's TT! Bahala late, basta dili absent kay better late than never man daw! LOL.


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