Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gardening Time Yet Again!

The weather started warming up (at least where I live), plants and flowers are back to life, and we were able to work outside again. Last weekend, we were able to till our garden, plant, transplant and did everything gardening. We have quite a few planted already and this year I am looking forward to an abundant supply of really good garlic, if the cruel heat won't kill it. I am a garlic lover and I like to put garlic into everything, so I was really excited to be able to transplant them into our garden in that way they have more space to grow. I have tons of garlic growing all around our yard because I randomly sprinkle garlic cloves everywhere. I like the looks of them when they start having that white clove thing-y and it looks like a bird's beak or something. I mix them with our flower garden along with some onions, I like to plant them along with some bulbs or irises in that way squirrels won't dig them up because they say squirrels hate garlic. I don't know if that is true, but whether it works or not, I like it. It said that garlic is a Deer-repellent as well and it keeps them off of your garden when you have one that is not fenced in. So you might want to try that out.

 That's the li'l ole' gardener me!
I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I like working outside and the reward I get afterward. Blooming flowers + plenty of fresh vegetables & fruits to eat = happy me and family.

Digging up some garlic ready to transplant to our vegetable garden. I do the transplanting later in the afternoon when the weather has cooled off and the sun is not hot for me to work outside and it also helps the plant from dying. After transplanting, I water them immediately. They may look like they are dying in the next few days, but they will come back to life just as long as you keep watering them.

I don't know about you, but when working outside in the yard or garden, I like to have a really good pair of gloves to protect my hands and feel comfortable wearing it as well. I work hard and I like to get things done as much as I can. I need protection to avoid my hands getting cut or hurt and these pair of gloves are awesome. I was looking for a particular pair of gloves, but I could not find it and I came across with this one. When I first saw it, I grabbed these babies and took it home with me. If I remembered it right it was around $10, which is a bit pricey, but I know I get my money's worth out of it. It feels so good and comfortable to wear, it fits well and look how cute these gloves are. I do have short fingers, so it is hard for me to shop for working gloves, and this one is just right. They are so cute that I almost didn't want to use them. Thanks for carrying these cutie gloves Home Depot!

Note: I am not paid to mention their product, but I thought you might want to know where I got these beauties and if it works well or not. Just in case you are on the lookout for working gloves since gardening season is up!

So pretty in pink working gloves.

I can't wait to work in the garden again this weekend. I hope it warms up! 
Have you planted lately? Or is it still cold/cool from where you are at? 
Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. I am so jealous! I would really really really love to do gardening, too, but apartment lifestyle is not permitting me to do so. :( My little girl is also asking for a backyard for her summer planting stint, but we can only do that if we have a place of our own. :(

    Mommy Adin, call me if you need help on harvest season, okay? LOL. I love garlic, too. I use a lot in my cooking, esp. that I am hypertensive! :D

    BPC hop!

    1. Mommy Rcel, you are welcome to come over and help yourself with some fresh garden goodies. hehehe... :) It sure is not easy when you are renting and apartment. Maybe someday mommy. Maybe you can just buy here a pot of plant or something. hehehe.. thanks!

  2. Now I miss my little garden in our old home. I agree with you on wearing gloves while working in the garden to protect yourself from getting cut...and hurt..also from getting dirty too.

    Thanks for linking up to 366 Blog Photo Challenge

  3. Wish to have a healthy and successful garden this year. Nice, kumpleto gyud ka danha, mommy:)

    Visiting for #95 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  4. no sign of winter na dyud dira sa inyoha sis Adin. ang amoa diri daghan napud ug bulak. ang akong mga kidos, they did the gardening yesterday. they had fun, lalo na pagmakakita ug worms. hehehe

    from BPC

  5. awww! sexy and the gardener :-) love the gloves Momi Adin :-) they look so durable :-) basta Home Depot the best :-) It is chilly here in our end, my tulips are blooming :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  6. wow, farm! :) I like the boots.. and i wish to plant more vegetables to harvest and sell, lol :)..

  7. Wow, you have a huge land there, Adin :) Galing! And looks like you're super ready to tend it na ^^ Wishing you a fruitful harvest this season ah. And I want to see your hens! :D

  8. at first glance abi nako ug tanglad...ehehehe! kalami nimo mami kay sugod naman ka ug garden...likewise...I don't mind getting dirty...parehas ta ug gloves...ehehhee!

  9. A lovely gardener. My hands are tore up right now, we busied ourselved during Easter break gardening hehehe..


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