Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Review: US Navy Captain Harley

I could not decide which photo to share, so hey I am sharing you three photos instead. It is up to you to decide which photo looks best. I may not know much about US Navy Seal rankings and Special Forces, but all I know is that my little man is looking good and sharp in his new costume. That is my US Navy Captain Harley wearing his U.S. Navy Seals battle costume. I was a bit apprehensive about him having to wear it because he does not like to wear clothes or he does not like fuss at all, but to my surprise he was quite eager to wear it. He didn't even want to take it off after I took his photos. He thought he was the "man" just like Bear Grylls of  Man Vs. Wild. He is so adorable, but of course I am biased to this since he is my little man. What do you think?

I got this costume in the mail the other day and my little man was so excited when I told him I got something for him in the mail, but was not able to take some photos right away until now. Everything from head to toe (except shoes) was from The thing I like about the costume is that it comes with Velcro closure and elastic waist so you don't need to button or zipper things up and it makes for easy on and off the clothes. I ordered the small size one, but as you can see it is a bit loose on him and that's okay, I can fix that. Anytime Costumes sure has a lot of great selections for adults, baby costumes, girls and boys costumes, pets and mascots, accessories, etc. I had a hard time selecting which one to choose from, but thank goodness my little man told me he likes to wear the soldier costume. I am so glad I found out about this website. It was fun browsing through all the fun costumes and I will be looking for another one for my little girl.

It looks really good on him and his daddy thought he looks cute.
Although we don't really celebrate the Halloween, but I thought of getting him one anyway because he feels sad when he sees other kids all dressed up and he is not. I have been making his own costume for years now and I wanted to give it a break this year and that's why I got him this.

 Sir, Yes Sir!

Now you might be thinking what in the world am I doing sharing you some photos of my little man wearing a costume when obviously Halloween season is far from here. Well, costumes can be worn at a certain occasion not just for Halloween party. Say for example you are having a costume birthday party theme or a kid's dress up party perhaps. Of course you need to shop for awesome costumes, right. So I think it is alright to buy it now and Anytime Costumes is there for your shopping needs. Plus, when you buy it off the Halloween season you get great deals and great prices, so next time you are in need of a costume, don't forget to shop at!

Note: The product is given to me for free for advertorial purposes,  but my thoughts and opinion are 100% mine, otherwise noted.

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  1. Nice costume, Harley! It looks good on him. He is so cute.

  2. ayay! look at Harley...looking good on his costume...I,I, sir!

    so cute...who knows mo join diay ni sa Military someday.

  3. Avah pwedeng pwede, baka nga maging sailor sya in the future hehehe..


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