Monday, April 16, 2012

Her Baby Food

Before I go on, I just want to thank God for another beautiful day that he had given to us. After the storm last Saturday, we are so happy and lucky that we made it and we yet dodged another bullet. I feel sad and brokenhearted for the towns and the people that got hit by the tornado. My heart goes out to all of them and all I can do is to pray. Pray for their fast recovery and healing. 

On to the baby food. Since my little bee started eating solid, I have not bought jarred food yet. I got her a Cerelac rice cereal, but that's about it. As much as possible, I try to make fresh food for her because fresh is better anyway. Although I am about to buy some jarred baby food for our 4-day trip, but I am going to mix it up with fresh ones as soon as I get the chance to do it, like when she's eating bananas or avocado. Those are her fave so far and my little bee is sure one good eater. I hope it won't change when she gets a bit older so I have would not have a hard time feeding her. Here are some of her food.

 Of course, she still loves her milk. I used to breastfeed her up to 3 months and now she is totally on formula.

 When I give her banana, I just mashed it up, then mix in the rice cereal, water or some milk and she will devour the whole thing. Like she would get so excited!

 I love the Cerelac because it reminds me of the cerelac that I had in the Philippines when I was a little girl. It smells so good and I can even eat it. Nestum is good as well and let me tell you, I can eat that thing eventhough it is a baby food. It's that good!

 Mix with warm water.

 This is how the banana cereal looks like. 
So delicious! 
I know it because I had some. 

I am happy to feed this to my girl because I know it is good for her. She sure does love it!

 She also loves her peas and rice cereal. 

And one happy baby while enjoying her Avocado rice cereal. Yummy! 

Note: Not paid to advertise the products, but because these products are good that I want to share it to all of you.


  1. a happy baby! fresh fruits or veggies are better than bottled baby food but the latter are convenient. the mention of Cerelac reminded me my college roommate---she usually had Cerelac for dinner when she was too lazy to cook or low on allowance.:p

    Yellow Splatter

  2. aw so cute!! lami ra bya ng cerelac. ganahan kaau ko ana sa una. hahaha.. ako gud makahurot. lol.


  3. mali ang link na akong gihatag. mao ni ang tama

  4. What a happy baby and a happy eater Baby Selby is! Naa ba Cerelac diri Mommy Adin? Nakalimot man ko oi. LOL.

    And indeed, thank God for sparing your loves there from the tornado. Grabe man jud na how the natural calamities have intensified lately oi. Praying that the victims can recover fast, too.

    BPC hop!

  5. the last photo really give me a BIG :D (smile) so adorable . Anyway I'm glad your family safe from tornado, by the way where you from? we just move to South 2 weeks ago and so far I don't see any sign of Tornado here, though residence told us the hardly get one maybe some scattered lightning.

  6. ..until now i still share baby foods from my niece and nephews..nyahahah! they're all yummy and nutritious toO! :)

    ..BPC hop here! :)

  7. I love that last shot, she is a beauty!

  8. Cerelac, the old time fav..even until now I still love it. Your little one is indeed a good eater. I wonder how the banana-cado tastes like. Matry.

  9. awww! what a sweet pea she is Momi Adin :-) what a happy baby too :-) hope she grows up healthy :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  10. what a cutie! no wonder super healthy kau ang little are doing a great job mamiAdin!

  11. my little 9-month is on formula too, he just suddenly did not like to take mommy's milk. i use cerelac too, and he eats table food too, what we eat, he eats too, he loves odong!! hahahaha! i think babies always eat hungrily... i hope my little boy won't change too when he's a bit older... very late bpc hop here.

  12. what a happy baby she is Momi Adin :-) a sweetie pie too, enjoy your foods baby :-) Dropping by from MYM

  13. i can see her happiness, she is really lovely, thanks for sharing and hope to see you again at green monday meme


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