Monday, April 16, 2012

The Six Is Now Three

We have been thinking about raising chickens for eggs for like months now and we did get some  chickens last year, but sad to say they all died as one of our dogs all of a sudden had the urge to attack all six of them. To make story short, we got another six chickens last month, then the three died and two out of three remaining chickens almost died last week. My husband took the little chicks outside last week since the weather was beautiful and warm and he let them roam around our yard, when all of a sudden the weather changed and the heavy rain poured. Afraid to go outside because of the lightning, the chicks were left outside in the freezing cold rain and were rescued right when the lightning and the rain stopped. Desperate to rescue two out of three, my husband did all he could to save them and good thing we had the wood stove going at that day to keep them warm. It was amazing what he did because two out of three looked like it was dead while the other one was up and running, but my husband wrapped the little chicks and set it by the wood stove to keep warm. A few minutes later, the chicks were up eating and all fluffy.  What a miracle! We thought that when these chickens lay eggs, that their eggs will be special and we can't wait to have fresh eggs every day.

 This was our chicken house in progress last year.

Dadda working so hard. 
Our chicken house now is ready for the chicks when they are old enough to use it and when the weather starts to warm up.

Here is my little man holding the chick with his dirty little fingers. The boy is a boy and loves to be outside and play with the chickens.


  1. Pagka cute ba sa chicks.. Mau pa mo naay chicken house, free eggs na dayon..

    Visiting for 107 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  2. Super cute but poor chicks easily less numbered. It is so hardworking of you and your husband to raise chicks aside from gardening. And oh, silly and handsome little darling, your baby boy!

  3. beautiful chicks Momi Adin :-) love their color :-) your boy is so cute, magkasinabot na cla ni K nako ky mahilig ug animals :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  4. Cute chicks :) reminds me of my childhood days! BPC hop!

  5. beautiful chicks! its a miracle indeed! i think u need some kind of incubator to keep the chicks warm. but im not sure here, kay sa amoa sa pinas nasa chicken coop lang sila permi with their mom tapos gina On namo ang light pagka gabii, to keep them warm.

    BPC hop sis!

  6. Awwww wawa naman mga chicks, it's fun to raise chicken sis. I remember growing dami naming manok sa paligid hehehe.. I love Harley's playfullness lol!

  7. kalouy pod tawon sa mga chicks...I hope mag survive ang nabilin...ka nice diha sa inyo mamiAdin kay makaraise mo ug chicken...kalami!

  8. Mommy Adin-- that is a nice project! Perfect for kids kaayo!

    We have a friend here who raised chickens. Now that they've laid eggs na, gatapun-og among itlog kay every week sige mi tagaan. :)

    BPC hop!

  9. your little is so cute inside that hole!!! you've got one hard working hubby right there mommy Adin! the chicks are so yellow...see what miracle had done to them! late bpc hop here.


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