Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shadows In The Water

We went to our farm the other day right after the rain had stopped and the weather was just beautiful. We decided to walk to the river bank to see how high the water had gone up and it sure was up high. Aside from seeing how high the water had gone up, it was also fun watching all the shadows of the trees in the water. These were some of the photos I took.

 Pecan tree shadow.

 That is my husband carrying our little man on his shoulders and that's me (shorty one) with our little girl in the baby carrier. We love to walk/hike a lot!

 At the high bank.

 Beautiful Neosho River. Time for bass fishing people!


  1. A nice way to share family shadows.

  2. I really like how the shadows look on the water. Very nice!

  3. Is the water always that turbid, or did you have a recent storm that stirred things up?

    Shadowy Wildflower

  4. Nice! And the whole family was involved. :) Looks like a great area to walk and hike.

  5. Are there a lot of bass in that river? :) Thanks for sharing some word of thoughts from Confucius!

    Here for BPC ^^

  6. I love the Confucius saying! And beautiful pictures, too! It is an adventure to look at your shadows and I love to do it as well. That includes taking pictures, too. :D

    BPC hop!

  7. love the shadows :-) too cute :-) looks like the creek has a high tide Momi Adin :-) Dropping by for BPC.

  8. ka nice sa place...lami mamingwit dire ah...ehehehe! love the second photo the most!

  9. wow beautiful shots! love it!

    from BPC

  10. Lovely photographs. The weather seemed cooperative that day for you and your family to have a walk together .

    Thanks for linking up.


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