Monday, April 2, 2012

My SAHM Style: It's Feels Like Summer Already

I am not complaining or anything, but the weather lately has been hot and humid and it is only springtime. How much more when summer is here? It could be another one cruel summer that we all don't want to have to endure yet again. Although the weather starts to cool off at night and early morning perfect for opening your doors and windows to let some fresh air in and that's what we have been doing for days now. We've also been working in our yard and planting some vegetables and this year we will have abundant supply of garlic, hopefully. Anyway, I'll show some photos of our garden later on. It was sunny yesterday perfect for wearing sleeveless top and shorts so that's what I wore, and I wore my new shoes too!

 Sleeveless Top: Thrifted 25cents
Belt: Thrifted $1 a sack
Short pants: Thrifted $2.50
Shoes: $30ish
Vintage Fawn Brooch: from my mother-in-law

Vintage Rudolf the red nosed reindeer brooch I call it. It was my mother-in-law's.
I call this my mama shorts. Now hold on a minute! It's not a typical "mama shorts," it's in a better version, I think. I thrifted this army green shorts when I was pregnant with my second one last year and though I know it didn't fit me at that time, I was thinking ahead. Thinking that this would fit me after giving birth and it does fit. It has an elastic on the back and no buttoning or zippering up. Easy peasy!
Work it, mama!

My new 5" heels. Yep! It gives this shorty mama a little boost of height. A fake height booster!


  1. Wow, those shoes are awesome, Adin! Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday, and have a wonderful day. : >

  2. likewise here mamiAdin...over 80s na amo dire..summer time lapas 100..waaaa!

    lov'n your outfit...lalo ang shoes..ayay, 5inch! bongga....:)

  3. you look fab Momi Adin :-) love the shoes but I doubt if I wear it :-) Dropping by for BPC.

  4. Love that mama shorts Adin. And the shoes awesome!


  5. Wow, Adin.. you always look great. I love your clothes and what a great buy! You look like a model. Beautiful photos.

  6. you really know how to project on cam...5 inches heel???...waaa di ko carry...nice photos of you Adin. Thanks for the BPC visit anyway.

  7. It is so pretty of you and your get-up looks great on you. Ayyy so love that shoes! The heels are perfect for us petites..hehehe

    Thanks for linking up to BPC under my hosting. See you again!

  8. Ganda ganda naman talaga! I can relate with the heels, and thinking ahead of time when buying clothes :D Good that you're flipflop-sleeveless weather over there already. It's still a bit cold here for that kind of outfit, but I'm not complaining either, considering that Toronto (where I used to live) was still getting snow over the past days ;)

    Here for BPC.

  9. Love that little deer so cutE! wow huh kering keri ang 5 inch heels...I can't go higher than 1 inches lol maybe 2 sometimes..thanks for stopping by mommy adin! apology for my late visit, got tied up at home yeah know what I mean mommy thing whew! I'm inviting you to join my current giveaway for a chance to win a 30 day supply of some natural household cleaning products by Natural House here's the link thanks in advance!

  10. Great glimpses of a SAHM! Love that heels jud ba! Gorgeous kaayo! And no, it doesn't feel like summer yet here sa among lasang! I still am on sweater every day kada mogawas kay chilly kaayo ang 50s! :D

    BPC hop!

  11. thats a pretty brooch sis! the weather in our place stays in the 50s this week, next week nasa 60s na pud. nice kaau. spring dyud. i hope summer is not so bad in your place para ma enjoy pud.

    from BPC


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