Monday, February 3, 2014

Unleash Your Social Verve And Join Sverve Today!

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My name is Adin and I am a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) and a blogger. I spend a good part of my day networking, which means I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest to get good traffic on my blog. Blogging has its own perks, but that also means you have to work hard to make it grow and be known.

Not long ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a new networking site for mom bloggers. And it is not just your ordinary networking site, but more! Have you ever heard of SVERVE? When I learned about this website, I signed up without hesitation. I have certainly enjoyed my time being a part of this team, and while I get to meet and greet new bloggers, it is also my gateway to more PR reps and/or other companies that are looking to hire bloggers. Below is a screenshot of my profile on Sverve just to give you a little insight.

Sverve is a platform for influential mom bloggers to publish their profiles, receive peer endorsements, and connect with brands for paid opportunities. Opportunities in the form of reviews, giveaways, promotions, etc. AND get paid! Sverve is one of the fastest growing mom bloggers network and are searching for mom bloggers who would love to be apart of their team. 
Helping others. 
     - If Sverve has helped you grow your blog, build relationships, monetize your site or educate you, then share the love with your other blogging friends! New bloggers are welcomed and encouraged and that’s not something you always find on blog networks! Help your newbie bloggers out by referring them to us!

     - Sverve is all about connecting brands with bloggers for business. Being a part of Sverve has the advantage of monetization opportunities. After establishing your Sverve influence and presence, being engaged on campaigns will become a frequent occurrence. For as much as you want to put into it, that is how much you will get out of Sverve.

     - By joining Sverve, {or any blogging network for that matter} you are exposing yourself to a whole new set of other bloggers. Why is this important? You can learn from other bloggers and the “tips” they upload. The relationships made with other bloggers can be helpful for learning and collaboration. By exposing yourself to a new set of people, you will get more pageviews and followers. And lastly by joining Sverve, you are able to share your content on another piece of the internet world.

Sign up! 
     - Go to your campaigns dashboard and scroll to the bottom. Near the end of the page you will find this campaign: Earn Money By Sharing Sverve With Your Circles. Click on that to apply. Once you have your account set up, here's the scoop: 

- Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile
- Ask your followers to endorse you
- Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips
- Share frequently

Your Influence Score will be generated based on real endorsements that you get and the type of the content you create. As more people like, favorite and share your tips, your score will increase. You will have a score for each area of influence as well as an overall score.

Wait patiently. 
     - Each week new influencers who sign up for this campaign are assigned an affiliate link and sent an email regarding campaign instructions. Please be patient as we process each influencers’ campaign applications.

     - Once you receive your emails regarding instructions, share! This is where you can get creative! Install a Sverve button in your sidebar with your affiliate link attached. Draft a post about Sverve including your affiliate link. Send out an email newsletter to your subscribers about Sverve. Each of these have been done with success! 

- Don't you worry! I was just like you who didn't know a thing or understand a thing about the world of SVERVE. You don't have to be an Einstein to figure this out. As for my thoughts. It was definitely easy to sign up and the instructions are pretty clear. 

- Sverve is like the Pinterest world for mom bloggers except you get campaigns from different awesome companies that would love to advertise their products on your blog. Not only you get to be online, connect with other blogger moms, broaden your horizon of blogging, and engaged in many wonderful campaigns, but you also get paid. 

- Everything happens in one place. You get to set up your own account, your own profile, your areas of Influence (Food, Fashion, Travel, Health & Fitness, etc.), add tips, follow other influencers, and more. You will get a message when a new campaign is open, then you can click Apply on a campaign that you are interested in, wait for the approval and so on and so forth. It is easy! 

- There are hundreds of brands looking for influencers to spread the word about their company and their products, so the more reason for you to sign up now and engage in an opportunity. 

- Have I interest you enough? If so, you can check out Sverve at to sign up! Come unleash your social verve and join the Sverve team now! Good Luck!  And while you are there, don't forget to Follow, Like My Tips, and Endorse me

- With every new Followers, Likes, and Endorsements, I get a heads up from Sverve letting  me know so I can do the same. And if you are still confused about Sverve, you can come to me and ask me questions, and I am willing to help. Don't forget, when you sign up, sign up as an "INFLUENCER" and not "BRAND". Thank you and I will see you there! 


  1. Sverve sounds like an opportunity for anyone with self-motivation and time. Very, very interesting.

  2. oh yeah. great views i love the website too, i can get great tips from different bloggers.

  3. This sounds cool! I'll try to join later :)

  4. Haven't really tried them since I don't like the offers as much.. but I have to check the campaigns once again.

  5. I signed up for Serve when it first came around and haven't really done anything with it since. Looks like I may be missing out!

  6. I have a Swerve account too but I haven't explore and maximize it yet. Maybe it's about time I make my account grow. Thanks for the insights.

  7. I am a member of Sverve but have not gotten a job from yet, I need for followers and endorsers ha ha. I think they are a good site to work with

  8. I am a member of Sverve but after the only task I got, I lost interest. I might check again sometimes.

  9. I was invited to join this one and I am starting now. :) Thanks sis!

  10. A lot of Moms I know get a lot of tasks from Sverve.

  11. I am a member of SVERVE and so far got only one opportunity and that was it!

  12. I have been using Sverve for awhile now and I have had some good opps through them.Thanks for letting other Mom bloggers know about it

  13. I have been on Sverve for a little while now and loved it.

  14. I do wish I get more tasks though. :)


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