Friday, October 4, 2013

First Blizzard Of The Season- Wyoming 2013

 photo GlendoWeatherAccuWeatherForecastforWY82213_zps3f71e01d.png

We woke up this morning to a surrounding blanketed with white snow. My little man got so excited he wanted to go outside and play snowball fights in the snow. What a snowstorm this has been today that you don't even want to stay long outside. The wind's blowing so hard, which is making it even colder. Freezing cold! Limbs are just breaking off the trees because the snow is so thick and heavy, it couldn't hold it anymore. It was scary walking under the trees in our yard today knowing that a limb call fall off at any moment. It is nighttime now and the blizzard is still on. It's been on the entire day. It sure would be interesting to see the place tomorrow after the storm. Maybe a little hike outside in the snow tomorrow would be nice. Or, play! 

Thank God for a warm house, electricity, warm food, and warm bed. I feel sorry for other's who might be suffering from this cold weather and no warm place to go and no warm food to eat. Be safe everyone and as much as possible, stay home and out of the road (that is if you are in an area dealing with the blizzard). Enjoy your family and stay warm inside. 

This was taken early this morning and this isn't how the surrounding looks like now. A lot worse!

 photo IMG_1517_zps667d8ed1.jpg

 photo IMG_1577_zpsa45e34a5.jpg

 photo IMG_1571_zps3648a787.jpg

 photo IMG_1521_zpsd3a8b7b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1516_zpsf9a24667.jpg

 photo IMG_1519_zpse4095ba5.jpg

 photo IMG_1570_zpse6d6b698.jpg

 photo IMG_1573_zps839e5040.jpg

 photo IMG_1576_zps4f155edc.jpg

 photo IMG_1580_zpsbce074c2.jpg

But of course! In this freezing cold weather, baking is expected.  photo IMG_1554_zpsdec5f432.jpg

 photo IMG_1524_zpsb732d601.jpg


  1. Wonderful story in pictures with a very happy ending. Everyone is toasty warm enjoying chess after a special day in the snow. Life is good.

  2. i love it when it's raining night bec. we just cuddle together inside and watch movie with lots of snacks ....good thing that you're safe and warm in your abode with baked goodies and have great time with your son loves to experience snow..he's always dreaming about winter..he..he...

  3. Already? According to our weather forecast, our first snow of the year will be in about three weeks from today.

  4. Oh my Lord, I am not looking forward to snowdays again wahh, ang aga naman dyan senyo sis. Brrr, giniginaw ako watching the video.

  5. Your kids are like my kids MommyA, they are always up for outdoor fun no matter what the weather is.

  6. I do not miss the snow at all!! lol it sure looks nice though in pictures! I will be making cupcakes soon with two different colors lol :) waiting on something in the mail now.

  7. Sana magkapitbahay tayo para may kalaro ng chees ang mga anak ko hahaha, wala akong binatbat sa chess eh.

  8. whoaaa!!! i thought it's bad living in NY but i must say we are still lucky here for it didn't snows like crazy like there...look at those poor trees they even got all the leaves on and still green...

  9. Winter came so early this year. I am glad, I live in Florida. The sun is still smiling.

  10. This is my dream - winter. I would love to personally experience this. I hope someday somehow, I'll have the chance to play with the snow and wear outfit like that.

  11. I've never experienced snow or a blizzard. I hope someday I will be able to.

  12. Wow! White and white and white :D love it but i can't stay in this kind of weather too long though. However I miss snow and will for sure have snow adventure when health permits us to go. Lots of baking and yes that will help you guys keep nice and warm and having wonderful kitchen smell too.

  13. I want to experience more snow in Texas but not this much.:(


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