Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food Share: My Homemade Lasagna

This is my homemade lasagna that I made the other night and boy it was absolutely delicious. I can say that my lasagna is more nutritious and I will tell you why. 

-- Prepare an oven-safe dish and lasagna. For my lasagna, I used the one that was ready-to-bake type and no need to boil it.

-- Instead of making my own Marinara sauce, I went ahead and opened a bottle of Prego Spaghetti sauce and I mixed it with pureed carrots. Yes! You heard me right. I mixed pureed carrots in it to give the sauce sweetness without having to add sugar. The carrots will do just that and nutritiously. 

-- With the white sauce, I sauteed the garlic first in melted butter and olive oil, then some mushrooms, and instead of flour for thickening, I used cornstarch. Mix in with half and half, sour cream, grated Parmesan Cheese, and some pureed beans (the one I had was the Great Western Beans, the white one or you could use Pinto beans for that buttery creamy taste). Also, save some extra grated cheese for topping later on. Season with S&P, and a little bit of nutmeg. Beans are good for you and this will add more nutrition to the white sauce.

-- Once you got both of the sauces ready, all you have to do is assembling the ingredients together. Put a little bit of Marinara sauce on the bottom, the lasagna, white sauce, lasagna, so on and so forth. 

-- For the topping, mix a little bit of bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese together and sprinkle on top. Follow the instructions on the box of the lasagna on how to bake it. 

-- Enjoy!!!


  1. looks good! nothing beats home cooking.:p

  2. looks very delish home-mada lasagna Momi Adin :-) wtg! Dropping by from BPC

  3. I love vegetable lasagna, Mommy Adin! I craved for it when I was pregnant with Triz and our church friend nga chef back in IL, he would make me one and drop it off sa among balay. Hasta jud naku ka-spoiled. Karon kay sa church ra ko makakaon ug lami nga lasagna every Sabbath during potluck kay I don't make one. Mangopya unya ko sa imohang recipe inig mobalik na akong gana mag-experiment. Lamia ana oi, laway ko! :D

    BPC hop!

  4. Looks delicious, hearty and comforting, nice!

  5. It looks delicious...Mine is up also.

  6. this look so good mommy Adin! never tried making lasagna before.
    thanks for sharing! and for joining BPC

  7. looks very delish Momi Adin :-) my hubby's fave is lasagna too :-) Thank you for the recipe too :-) Dropping by form FTF


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