Friday, May 4, 2012

SAHM Style: Polka Dot Skirt

I went to the rummage sale today and this is what I wore. Yes! Toting two kids like I said, so I had to be comfortable while sorting through the racks. There wasn't much that I thrifted today (this is a record for me since I usually end up buying tons of things), so I only got few items for under $10. Maybe tomorrow I can go shopping again for the city wide garage sale and see what I can find. That is if I get the time to go by myself. Babysitter husband, I need you! Anyway, here are some photos. 

 Tee: Hanes for Men 3 per pack at Walmart
Belt: Thrifted $1 a sack
Vintage Skirt: 25cents
Shoes: Blowfish via
Vintage Butterfly Brooch: From my mother-in-law

 The two pockets on the sides are a bonus! Love it! I was thinking of chopping it off at first to shorten it a bit, but I love it this way now.

 Vintage brooch that was my mother-in-law.

These were the items I got today for under $10. Not too bad!
 I mostly got items for my little girl and a pair of Adidas shoes for my little man. I have a fabric in yellow color (the one above), and I am thinking of maybe making it into a skirt.

 My new vintage dress. After washing it, I just discovered that it actually has holes, so I might be able to remedy it and see what I can do. There might be a refashioning in the future. We will see!

 A maxi skirt that I will turn into a dress.

For my little man. After washing it, it looks like brand new again. Just a little bit of wear and tear, but still in pretty good shape.

How about you? Have you thrifted lately?


  1. those are indeed great finds. i miss going to department store and find good items, wish i can have the time. hope you can join our green monday meme at


  2. Oooh I love your skirt, gorgeous!

    What fab finds for $10!


  3. Great shopping trip, Adin. I agree with you that the skirt looks lovely at its full length! Have a wonderful day : >

  4. wow, that's a good deal. Your awesome.

  5. Those great finds. When my son was little I bought practically all his clothes from the thrift store. Now, as an adult he still shops at them.
    You were right to keep the skirt long, looks lovely that way.


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