Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Old Place

These photos were taken a few weeks ago so a lot of these flowers have really bloomed and our fruits are really growing. We are excited for the fruit picking season again. This is why we can never leave this place so we decided to keep this property even though we moved to a new town. 
 photo RosesCollage_zps23f7ccc9.jpg

Finally! I have me some roses. They are lovely. 

 photo GrapesCollage_zpsc9ca675e.jpg

Mr. B the husband is fixing his future vineyard. 

 photo FrontYardCollage_zps30054092.jpg

I love working in my garden. 

 photo FlowersCollage_zpsc1d06ebf.jpg

 photo BoxturtleCollage_zps032bcefa.jpg
A box turtle. Don't worry, my boy was safe under my supervision. 

 photo ApplesCollage_zps400df930.jpg

One of the many fruit trees we have in our yard. These are some green apples that are oh so sweet when ripe. 

 photo TeePeeCollage_zps00670452.jpg

My String Beans right now have already grown taller than this. 

 photo AdinB254_zps4c4e5c33.jpg

Oh dear! What can I say? He loves playing in the mud. 

 photo AdinB186_zpscaf14f93.jpg

He loves to help me in the yard and we both planted some garlic and onions together. Thanks, my boy! 

 photo AdinB179_zpsa350b4d4.jpg

 photo AdinB163_zps6afea737.jpg


 photo AdinB156_zps18c14457.jpg

Out of five bamboos that we had, only one survived. Good thing it multiplied and someday we will have a bamboo privacy fence. 

 photo AdinB159_zps58a4bf5c.jpg

 photo AdinB145_zps0546603d.jpg

Yes, we have a little trail that goes around our yard so my husband doesn't have to go on the road or the country road for a run. It is safe this way. About 8 laps around our yard is equal to a mile. 

The photo below was taken a few weeks ago so our garden right now has quite a few vegetables growing. 
 photo AdinB126_zpsdc59c861.jpg


  1. love all your photos mommy A. I have a question... how do u plant garlic?

  2. the old place looks great.. you kids had so much fun in the surrounding and playing in the mud

  3. Oh my, I would love to have a beautiful yard like yours. It's my dream to have a vegetable garden.

  4. Nice place,, very relaxing .. also the mud bath, so cute kid..

  5. Just wow at the spacious garden. Can I have a vacation there? Haha the place is just perfect for relaxation.

  6. Who maintained your house and did the gardening in your old place mami adin. aguy pastilan ang bugoy tua sa kapitaan hehehe

  7. I love your place look like you have lots of freedom. You have different kinds of fruits and vegetables and flowers too. kids are having fun playing and i enjoyed watching your son having fun in the mud.

  8. Me too! I love your place mommy Adin, it's very refreshing and a great place to discover things especially for the kids. The pictures speaks thousand words! Very beautiful!

  9. I like your old place. It's so green and you have lots of plants that keeps you busy. Refreshing to be in there for sure.

  10. Your hard work really pays off especially when you can harvest all the fruits and vegetables from your very own garden.

  11. Both of your places are beautiful Mommy Adin, I love his pic in the mud, looks fun!

  12. Haven't tried those gooseberries mami adin, time usa mkaun pod na? :D curious ko.

  13. You've got a big garden there Mommy, love your roses as well.

  14. Love to have a big space for the kids to roam around in the property and grow some veggies and flowers too. You def have a relaxing place.

  15. wow! your place looks like a nice place to live in.. the little boy is cute still in spite of the mud all over him.. hehehehe

  16. Ohh that so nice would love to go for a tour momi! I like your place looks like very relaxing and away from busy life!

  17. I like your garden especially the red roses. I love the pic playing in the mud.

  18. What great photos! I mostly love the playing-in-the-mud one :)!

  19. Looks like you have a very huge yard and a good place to bond with your kids. Like it!


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