Monday, June 10, 2013

Gone Fishing!

These photos were taken the other week when my family and I went fishing. Well, I was the one fishing most of the time and my husband was babysitting. Since I don't know how to swim, he was in charge of babysitting the kids while they play in the water and I get to fish. Give me a pole and worm bait and I'm going fishing! I can remember my first fishing trip with my husband and I was pretty grossed with the idea of hooking some worms in your hook as your bait, but didn't want to disappoint him. I actually got used to it and now I can hook my own bait. I get excited whenever I get a bite. It's that adrenaline rushing through my body, waiting to jerk that pole to see what's on the end of the line. My husband told me I am pretty naturally at fishing even for the first try. I guess the fisherman blood in the family on my father's side. I can't wait to go fishing again and hopefully I get some bass. During that time we went fishing, none of us had the energy enough to clean the fish so threw it back in the water. Lucky fish! 

 photo KidsCollage_zps2a17330e.jpg

Our little man is interested in learning how to fish so he insisted he wants to hold the pole. I guess dadda better get Harley his own fishing pole. Little princess there on the right picture had a great time throwing sticks in the water and watch it float away. Kids are something, aren't they? 

 photo FishCollage_zps9a2b7b9f.jpg


  1. Good job mommy fishing is fun as well as pretty sure your family enjoy it I remember our pond where we use to fishing during summer feel sad cause we move to an apartment. great picture are you catching those fish? hehe. sarap isugba I man grill this is delicious fish.

  2. Yay! how exciting! i never had a chance to go fishing yet! I hope someday I will. It's just that we don't have a fishing rod yet. But, that was a big fish mommy! It looks like a milkfish! i love it because fresh fish is always good!

  3. I love fishing too and it's kind of addicting once the fish starts taking the baits. The thrill is very therapeutic hehehhe.

  4. your family's pictures are always beautiful. it is very nice to see your kids enjoy fishing.:)

  5. Wonderful day fishing for sure! Haven't tried it here yet and hope to go fishing one day.


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