Thursday, June 13, 2013

Product Review: Food Should Taste Good

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Thank you to the awesome people at Food Should Taste Good for the coupons I received because I found my new favorite snacks. I must confess though I am bad at this because I can eat the entire bag of FSTG Sweet Potato Chips in one setting. It is so good and I can't stop myself from eating. So as my kids. Good thing they are made of wholesome ingredients, zero-trans fats, and no cholesterol compare to other chips. In our family, there is a short list of chips that we would eat (okay like only two types of chips we eat) so I didn't really know much about what other chips out there that are actually good to eat, but with less the guilt, until I learned about Food Should Taste Good.   

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·  Our all natural chips are made from real, simple ingredients. The way it should be!

·  All of our chip varieties are certified Kosher and Gluten Free, lower in sodium, and free of cholesterol, preservatives and trans fats.

·  We currently have boatloads of Tortilla flavors and four Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato flavors. Find all of our products, company information, online store, and much more on our website. 

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My new favorite chips. But these are not just some ordinary chips, it is a cracker too! My favorite FSTG Sweet Potato chips are real sweet potatoes turned into chips. Oh so good! I hope you will try their snacks too and let me know which ones you like best. These Potato Chips are not greasy nor heavy unlike any other chips out there. The ones I had has the right amount of saltiness to it. It is so addictive! Will I buy it again? Absolutely! In fact,  I did and I bought more of the Sweet Potato Chips because I am not the only one in this family who loves it. We all do! Okay, maybe my husband loves the OLIVE more. He would take it to work with him as his snacks. 

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Before we headed to the trail, we loaded our Jeep with some snacks to munch after our hike. I was sure glad I did because we were all hungry.

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I love that they also support communities and important causes. Talking about doing something good. 

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Food Should Taste Good has different variety of snacks like Tortilla, Kettle Cooked, to Crackers. To check out the rest of their products, visit their website at Thank you, Food Should Taste Good!

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  1. The Food Should Taste Good products look delicious. I will certainly try them.

    1. Thank you so much, Covina! :) They are so good. You can try all of them and see which ones you like best. :) For me the Sweet Potato is just addictive. :)

  2. We love Food Should Taste Good chips. I buy them all the time. My favorite is White Cheddar! oh and Chocolate! I'm craving some right now actually :D

  3. I am so intrigued by that snack. It looks like a healthier version of the chips I sometimes munch here. I hope they'll sell that here in Dubai.

  4. I want the Sweet Potato chips, I just found a new addiction for Sweet Potato anything and really want to try chips.

  5. I love potato chips :) nice outfit you have here mommy Adin :D

  6. Oh these look yummy. I will need to look for these at the store.

  7. I bet the olive tastes good

  8. would love to try the sweet potato ones

  9. I've heard sweet potato chips are super deelish! I need to find some to try them out. Thanks for the review!

  10. I have tried several of the Food Should Taste Good products and I love all of them. They are great products that are delicious and are better for you.

  11. I like them too especially the sweet potatoes! They're indeed one of a kind chips!

  12. They have the best chips, I like every single flavor they have. Wishing they have coupons online so I could print them and get more.

  13. I have actually tried this chips before. I will say they are really good. They different from the usual chips that we usually get at the store.

  14. I never tried these chips but, I am now convinced to check it out. For sure they are delicious. Looking good Adin :-)


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