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Product Review: Eclipse Sun Sleeves UPF 50+

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It is no secret I love gardening. And to be honest, I would rather work outside in the garden no matter how tired and sore I get compared to working inside the house. There is something about gardening that I love and seeing all my plants and flowers grow beautifully just makes it all worth it. The downside about gardening or working outside though is being exposed to the sun. Too much exposure to the sun isn't healthy for our skin so sometimes I end up wearing long sleeves, which I hate because it gets really hot and uncomfortable. I wanted something to cover up my arms , but nothing too thick and uncomfortable. Something that still makes me feel cooler even working under the heat of the sun. 

About a month ago, I found out about this product called Sun Sleeves by Eclipse. What it is, is a pair of sleeves that you can wear on your arms that is made of the latest patented sun guard performance fabric that blocks at least 98% of the harmful UV rays. It's another type of product that you can use to protect yourself from the harmful sun besides using sunscreen. The people of Eclipse Sun Sleeves were so nice to send me two pairs of Sun Sleeves- a pair for my husband and a pair for me.  Read below to further understand about the product. 

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About Eclipse Sun Sleeves:
Eclipse® Sun Sleeves are:
- Made of the latest patented sun guard performance fabric
- UPF 50 so they block at least 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays
- Quick-drying so they're cooling, odor-resistant, and dry-feel
- Stretchy so they stay in place with vigorous arm movements (like swinging a golf club)
- For warm or cold weather
- Durable for everyday or sports use
- Ultralight and soft
- Natural protection from ultraviolet A rays so no need for chemical sunscreens
- Designed to cover the backs of hands, which are particularly vulnerable to sun exposure and often left unprotected
- Designed by a Physical Therapist
- Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) sponsor
- Certified by the Melanoma Foundation
- Sewn in the USA
- $26.99/pair
- Sold as a pair
Eclipse has two styles of sleeves- the Sun Sleeves and the Sun Gloves. Also available in different colors that you would absolutely love. 

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My Review:

- Yes it is cool to wear because of the type of fabric it is made of, quick drying and odor-free. 

- It is stretchy so it stays put while I am working away. Nothing slips off. 
- The sleeves are not only perfect for when you are gardening, but you can also wear it in all kinds of outdoor activities. 
- Eclipse Sun Sleeves are also wonderful layering piece for colder season. It is nice to know that this product can be used in any types of activities no matter what the season is. 

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Don't forget to check out Eclipse today at Thank you, Eclipse Sun Sleeves! 

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers in the world. To my dad and to my husband, Happy Father's day to you both. Papa, I miss you and I love you. To my husband, thank you so much for being who you are. Me and the kids, we all love you! 

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  1. A good product to protect your from the sun, I like it!

  2. Eclipse Sun Sleeves are a super idea. I always get spots on the front of my sun blocking shirts which looks unappealing and unkept. With the Eclipse Sun Sleeves I can protect my arms from the intense Florida sun while looking fresh and clean. They would also come in handy while driving in a vehicle to protect your arm by the window when the sun is shining intensely on your skin. Thanks for finding this wonderful product Adin.

  3. Never seen anything like this before, pretty interesting. I wonder how it feels on a really hot day though. That's great it is quick drying and odor free for all the hot summer months.

    1. It's cooler than bare arms. I wondered the same thing but I am pretty much sold.

  4. what a cool product and i huge necessity here in FL

  5. I did not know they even made a product like that. That is so cool! Good to know and glad they do not make you hot.

  6. i like this. this is perfect while going cycling.

  7. you make such a pretty model for this one.:)

  8. Very nice mommy Adin, this is a great way to cover up our arms without having a bulky and warm sweats on while doing the yard or garden.

  9. Oh you got two :D how nice. This is perfect for your gardening mami adin :) it will protect your skin from the heat.

  10. Oh how awesome! My husband loves gardening too, so I will definitely check this out and buy a couple for him. :) Awesome review as usual. :)

  11. A very unique concept. My grandma always wore light cotton sleeves as a child( she told me this) when she was in the filed doing her chores.

  12. I love how companies are creating clothing with SPF. These would be great to wear hiking.

  13. Like your hat mommy Adin good for outdoor works its good to wear this type of fabric since summer is here gonna be super hot.

  14. we should have this kind of product on summer time, it will help us cover our skin from sunshine

  15. I'd love to have some of those especially when I am gardening. Great products.

  16. this is something I would love to have...perfect to use especially for summer!

  17. would love to get one of those! It's been hot doing gardening these days.

  18. You look great on that photo Mommy Adin!

  19. I like you hat also mommy Adin. I lost my wide brim hats, those are perfect for gardening too.

  20. Sun sleeves is surely a great way to cover up the upper extremities when in outdoors.

  21. This is a very useful product especially for people who love to stay outdoors to do gardening tasks.

  22. I've never heard of these before. Interesting product.

  23. I badly need one cause were often traveling with our motorcycle and this will protect us from super hot sun rays.

  24. I would love to have this sleeve :-) It will protect our tan skin from the heat
    :-) What a cool product to have :-)

  25. This is what I have been seeking for, I can use this not only for summer on protecting my skin, but also for the colder days too. I can use my short sleeve shirts and won't be freezing.

  26. I love your smile Mommy Adin and what a garden that is :-) Can I help you harvest some? I love that is UPF 50 which is awesome protection for our skin :-)

  27. oh i like how you did wear yours very useful for gardening! lab et!

  28. Ohh I need this too when I am driving or working in the garden!

  29. As a motorcycle rider, I think I need this to protect my skin from the sun rays..

  30. I have sleeves that are similar and use them all the time. I keep one in the car to protect from the rays coming in the windows.

  31. WOW! Protection from the sun and it looks cool too! I am envious that you're gardening. I have black thumbs and plants always die in my care -- even a cactus!


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