Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rummage Sale Haul For $18.50

Since we are back in our old place for the summer, I made it to another Rummage Sale yesterday Friday. I was up so early because I didn't want to fight the crowd if I go there late, plus you get to find some neat things first when you shop early.

Yes, we do have two places at the moment- this old place in Chetopa and the new one in Galva, Kansas (rented). We didn't want to sell this property here in Chetopa since we considered this place as our home base  and we just can't leave the place especially the farm. 

Anyway, that's not what I am going to talk about today because I want to share with you my Rummage sale haul. I think all-in-all I had about 45 items purchased from the sale and I paid $18.50 for all. At first I paid $16, but I came back and found myself purchasing a few clothing for $2.50. 

 photo AdinB297_zps151500f0.jpg

 photo AdinB275_zps8bc5a56a.jpg

Some clothing for me and my kids. I don't buy my husband's clothes because he is picky so I let him shop for his own things. I purchased a 60s psychedelic looking fabric that I don't know what to do yet. Maybe my little girl's dress and skirt? I was also on a hunt for some vintage curtains, but unfortunately they didn't have any available. Although I got a large lace curtain with a lighthouse theme (the one in white), but that'll probably end up in my little man's room. I guess I am better off scouring the thrift stores or maybe even Goodwill for vintage curtains in wonderful condition. 

 photo FucshiaTopCollage_zps7e046a85.jpg

I know I already have Fuchsia Pink top, but I couldn't pass this one. I also found a white silk top (below) in great condition. I love my new tops! Now all I need are new bottom pieces especially the shorts. 

 photo WhiteSilkTopCollage_zps59e2458b.jpg

If I remembered it right, I think the belts were around 25 cents each and I found these three thin belts that I thought are just cute. I got them! Thrift stores or rummage sales are the best places to find belts because they are cheap and still in good condition.

 photo AdinB290_zps99af39e2.jpg

Okay! Call me old school, but we have some really good old movies on VHS tapes that we just can't part with like the 1950s Peter Pan movie. We love the old movies and cartoons so we had to have another VCR since ours broke months ago. And yes, I got it for $7 and it is like new. No remote control though, but it works great. 

 photo VCRCollage_zpsbbaadbf0.jpg

My little man who's almost five years old (this August) is always asking his dadda to play chess with him was wanting his own chess set. We were at the store one time when he saw a chess set and asked us if he could have one. I told him that we might be lucky and score a really good chess set at a thrift store without having to pay full price for  it. Sure enough I got lucky. It came in a huge tin can with a bunch of other board games and I thought my little man would absolutely love it. And he does! I paid a dollar for it. Can't beat that! 

 photo ToyCollage_zpsf0fb2bd7.jpg

Some random things like girl's toys, a basket, a baby book, an old Dr. Seuss's book (I like old story books), and a Crafts and Hobbies Book, that I know I will have so much fun flipping through pages and pages of fun things to do. 

 photo thingsCollage_zpsc9c9bff9.jpg

 photo booksCollage_zps6213ebe7.jpg

A Carpet Bag. No I won't be using it for when we travel, but I thought it would also be a neat bag to store things in. And it is huge! 

 photo CarpetBagCollage_zpsb0c2cf02.jpg

Some trivets and other hardware. I actually have two Turtle trivets-the mama turtle trivet and the baby one, but I don't know where I put the small one. I also love the fish trivet. I hope I can find more next sale and maybe I can start a collection. 

 photo AdinB294_zpsd83bc304.jpg

And Awe! My new owls. The first Owl Lamp I bought in yellow broke and I was really sad. Glad I found these two and one owl as a spoon rest. The two owls can no longer be used as night lamps, but that's okay because I am planning on spray painting them in Turquoise and in Yellow. 

 photo AdinB292_zpsdbab78b0.jpg

I actually paid $1 for the whole set instead of $1.50. The glasses are thick and I think the design is just adorable. Don't you think? 

 photo AdinB288_zps3b4b517f.jpg

Well, that's all for my Rummage sale haul for today. Hope you guys enjoyed them. I think my favorite piece of all is the VCR. It's because seeing how happy my kids were watching their favorite old 50s Peter Pan movie again was precious. I mean, we can watch any Peter Pan movies online or on DVDs, but this particular movie is just special. How about you. Have you thrifted anything lately? Do share! 


  1. Awesome finds Ganda :-) I love love loveeeee yard sales and I'm glad hubby shares my passion for finding yard sale stuff.

  2. WOW! Mommy Adin, you have stacked another bargains that made me envious, again! Lol. Gone are the rummage sale season and I have never been to one yet! Kaluoy ba jud naku! Lol. Sabado man gud ang makita naku diri nga mga sked oi, dehins man pwede si ako kung Sabado. I love those belts that you got! and that bag, too! So cheap you have paid and yet, for a lot of stuff! How nice!

  3. Wow! You got a lot for your money!

  4. awesome finds you really scored

  5. Wow! great deal. That's what I love about shopping at the thrifty stores or goodwill. We can save tons of money hehehe.

  6. You've got wonderful stuff :D I love those home decorations you got. Less than $20 for those stuff is indeed a steal of a deal.

  7. I'm sure you children were so happy because they have new toys to play with :D

  8. That chessboard is one precious find for the little chess champion you got there, Mommy Adin! All are great finds I must say! :)

  9. I love the belts!!! they are so colorful. I love skinny belts. i have a few of my own! and what a Deal btw. great job!

  10. and oh, i want the owls! they are so lovely!

  11. Those are lots of stuff and they look all good. Just like you, I love buying in a thrifty store so that I can buy more useful items.

  12. WOW ang dami mong nabili ha :) and the belts, they are so cute, mahal na yan dito, at yan ang uso ngayon. aron $2 to $3 ang isa dito :D

  13. You scored again! You will be beautiful in the fuchsia blouse as well as the silk one. Harley must be thrilled to have his very own chess set. Guess we will have to find one for Selby now. LOL Won't it be fun when they can beat their dad? Good days work.

  14. You got a haul of nice and useful products. I admire your good taste in choosing the products you have there.

  15. That's such a sale! You were able tp buy a lot of stuff for a very affordable price :) I love the clothes!

  16. These are awesome finds! The collection stuff would be great. U should buy na a glassed cabinet for that so that it can be displayed :)

  17. Wowsa's you did great! The owls are completely adorable.

  18. I love doing yard sale, thrift store and what have you. there is nothing wrong with buying used stuff, you just need to pick the ones that are slightly use and still looks good. Great deal you got there.


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