Monday, September 9, 2013

My Picky Eater's Lunch: Homemade Personalized Whole Wheat Pizza

Now that I have a Kindergarten student, I have been a bit busy searching for healthier meal options that my boy can take to school for lunch. He is one picky eater little man and would not eat the school's lunch so I decided to make it myself. Like I said, he is a picky eater and sad to say, he no longer likes to eat veggies and fruits unlike when he was a little baby. I wake up early in the morning and I prepare his meals that can be prepared quickly and make the ones that can be prepared ahead. Here is my first share of my picky eater's school lunch.

Who doesn't love pizza, right? Well, I guess there are other people who doesn't like it, but the majority of us we do. Because we are not a fan of store bought frozen pizza, or we don't usually order pizza to-go, I decided to make our own homemade whole wheat pizza. This way, I can make it a bit nutritious by adding in some pureed vegetables in the sauce. By adding pureed vegetables, my son won't know it actually has vegetables in it. Pureeing veggies and fruits, then mixing it with other food is one great way to give your picky eater a nutritious meal. 

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You can go online or on Pinterest and search for "Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe". There's tons of them online. I also let my handy-dandy bread machine do the most work for me.
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(You can also add in cooked Beets and Carrots to the pizza sauce)
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Mix the sweet potatoes and pizza sauce together in a food processor. Or in my case I used the Spaghetti sauce with chunky vegetables in it. I also add in a tablespoon of Flax Seed for more nutrition. I basically add it into everything including my smoothies. It doesn't grind it up finely, but I like the texture. Or buy the milled Flax Seed instead, if you prefer. Process it until well-blended and smooth, then set aside.  photo BreadMachineCollage_zpsa9c6a3c6.jpg

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I like to slice it up into 8 wedges, then formed it into a ball. Use a rolling pin to flatten it out. You don't have to do this if you want to make one big pizza, but I wanted the personalized size pizza. Use a fork to poke tiny holes. 
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It looks like the whole wheat flat bread you can buy at the store, doesn't it? You can use that too to make pizza if you don't want to go through all these steps. 
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Once you put the sauce, toppings and cheese, place them on a tray, cover with plastic, and stick it in the freezer. Once frozen, take them out of the freezer, and wrap them up. I like to put wax paper or parchment paper in between two pizzas so it is easy to pop them out when I am ready to bake it. Just leave the paper on the bottom of the pizza once you bake it. This way it is easy to pick each pizza off the baking sheet when ready to eat. Makes sense, don't you think? 
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We also love muffins or cupcakes in this house so I made some whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins with raisins & flax seed (the healthy-er version). I'll share with you the recipe next time. For my pizza topping, I used ground turkey and provolone cheese just because that's what I had. Next time, I want to use Provolone and Mozzarella. 
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A lunch for a picky eater boy was served!


  1. This looks yummy. I don't have trouble feeding my kids with anything. One thing they don't like is anything that's wheat LOL!. They can tell when I change the bread or stuff I make. I will have to do 1 wheat and 1 white for bread so they don't notice it much.

  2. OMG, made my mouth water!! What a delicious, inventive, and (sneakily) nutritious pizza for the whole family. Brilliant way to provide a healthy meal for Harley. You are an inspiration.

  3. oh my what a great idea and i love you can freeze them for later instead of buying frozen pizzas

  4. This looks amazing thanks for the recipe. we eat a ton of pizzas here this will help a ton when it comes to freezing them thanks so much.

  5. This would be a great idea for me since I am single-I like that you can make a bunch and freeze it for another time!

  6. Wow Mommy, galing mo naman. Wala akong katalent talent to make pizza dough from scratch.

  7. This looks deelish! I've got a picky eater who's a pizza lover and this looks like something he'd go for.

  8. I buy a lot of Bob's Red Mill products. It is good that, you make your own pizza. It is healthier that way.

  9. My children are good eaters, but I would like to make what they eat healthier. I like the way you got so may good for you things into this pizza!

  10. What a great way to sneak veggies into foods picky eaters love! I do it with soups, spaghetti and smoothies all the time, but I have never tried it with pizza sauce. Cant wait to try it!

  11. I love making home made pizza. I also use whole wheat in my pizza too. The boys loved it. Got to look at this brand of whole wheat to try.

  12. That required a lot of work to make but, it surely is healthy for your little man to eat. My 1st grader is also picky just liked your kindergartner...

  13. That is so clever to add sweet potato to the crust.

  14. Mommy Adin, you are very talented :-) Oh how I wish I can cook home made pizza. It looks very delish too. I bet the pretty girl Selby loves her home made pizza from her beautiful Mommy :-)


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