Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Bighorn National Forest Experience in Wyoming (Part 2): Deer Park Campground

We arrived at the campground so late in the day that we kind of start to worry that we may not be able to find a spot since it was during the Labor Day weekend. The campgrounds were busy and lots of people were on the road looking for camping spots. We were going to go stay at the Lost Cabin campground, but we decided to go on ahead and check out this other campground called the Deer Park, which was quite a ways. I would say it was worth the drive because we got to a camping site where it was free and near the creek. We all enjoyed going to the creek and throw river rocks, then ended up in a competition of who can hit the big rock that was in the water the most.

The road to the campground was so busy during that weekend that it looks like a highway with all the traffic that went on. People on their ATVs, Dirt Bikes, RVs, hauling their boats, even hauling their horses, and lots of different types of transportation. Even with all the traffic and the noise, my family still had a great time camping. Our camping trip to the Bighorn National Forest was also our little girl Selby's first official camping trip and we are so proud of her because she made it. We camped out for two nights at the Deer Park campground, and I would say we slept pretty early in those two nights, like we went to bed at eight o' clock. Hiking the mountains can wear you out, but it is a good workout. 

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  1. Your photos made me feel like I was there. I could smell the campfire and pine trees. Harley looks happy and at home in the mountains. It is hard to believe that he is already half as tall as you. Both of your children are gorgeous and you must be so proud. Love your group photo and the last photo with you and the children by the campfire. Your happiness radiates and is contagious.

    1. Like I always tell Harley, he will be taller than me before he is ten years old. LOL! Oh dear! I'll be like their older sister. Thank you so much auntie Covina. Harley didn't really want to walk at all, but he had too. Later on he enjoyed it though. Bushwhacking was fun, but I was scared of bears and other wild animals. LOL! Like always.

  2. this is such a beautiful place thank you for sharing it

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. You have a beautiful family. thank you for taking us on your journey with you.

  4. I am not much of a camper-actually not at all but the camp grounds where you stayed are magnificent. If I lived near there I would love to just stroll around and relax-then go back to a motel for the night!

  5. Wow, look at the beauty. I wish we are neighbors, we could go on doing outdoors together hehehe..

    1. We would surely go on outdoor adventure together mommy Rose if only we were neighbors. We would be going on lots of hikes together. :)

  6. How fun!!! What great family time memories!

  7. Nice pictures. It makes want to go camping.

  8. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your trip with your readers. It seems like such a beautiful place. I really like the tree with the interesting base going in so many directions.

  9. Beautiful campsite! This takes me back to my girl scout years. I loved going camping back then. My husband says I wouldn't last a day and I agree. Your trip does look fun though.

  10. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos, make me feel like I was there! :)

  11. Your beautiful kids are already used to camping. We haven't try that but in the backyard lol.

  12. I like your doubleside tent. Got to look for one like that. What a fun time you have guys!

  13. Mommy Adin, love how beautiful Wyoming is :-) It looks like your family had a blast at the camp ground :-) The nature is beautiful. We only go to my in-law's camp once a year and love the mountain as well :-) I love your family pictures. The kids are growing up too fast too.


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