Sunday, November 17, 2013

Family Time: Hiking Along The Glendo Lake

Just to be away from all the heartbreaking news of the Yolanda aftermath in the Philippines including my town, my husband decided we go on a hike not far from where we live. We are fortunate that we now live in an area where there are places to go for a hike or to explore and it was at the Glendo Lake. Hiking sure does a good thing not only for you and your kids' health, but it does good for your mind as well. Even though it was a bit of a chilly hike, that didn't stop us from exploring. We were going to go for another hike this afternoon, but the weather with 50mph winds did not allow us. Maybe tomorrow the weather will be nicer than today and we will go for another hike.

 photo IMG_2258_zps26d3b6c7.jpg
(Part of the Glendo Lake)

 photo IMG_2277_zpsc0cfdaf2.jpg

 photo MUCKBootsCollage_zps8106f414.jpg
My little man who's ready for the hike in his new pair of Muck Boots. I wish I had a pair. 

 photo IMG_1954_zps73052507.jpg
Thank you my dear son for the photo. 

 photo IMG_2266_zps0faf2934.jpg

 photo IMG_2262_zps017cf83d.jpg
He enjoys snapping photos so he finally got his own camera. Well, he is using our old camera.

 photo IMG_1959_zpsea4a4413.jpg

 photo IMG_2261_zps7660cfea.jpg

 photo IMG_2259_zpsaffe71c0.jpg
There were some gnarly looking trees on the trail, but they were all beautiful in its own way. 

 photo IMG_2270_zps20f29067.jpg

 photo IMG_2271_zpsa1d7fca8.jpg

 photo HarleysCollage_zpsd21f91a6.jpg
There were lots of pinecones on the ground and cactus as well. Or should I say Cacti?

 photo IMG_2283_zpsf539de88.jpg

 photo IMG_2256_zps11d1e25a.jpg

 photo IMG_2280_zpsbef6f720.jpg

 photo edited_zps00baeea9.jpg

We hope your weekend is a great one!

--- The Blankenship


  1. wow! that is a gorgeous lake.We have a gorge we go hiking in.Such a great family activity to do together.

  2. What a hike that was, with all that gorgeous view, I am sure that all the heartbreak have been eased momentarily. You have a lovely family mommy Adin!

  3. Gorgeous views, we love hiking too. I agree to you hiking is a good exercise and you got to see beautifl views for free :)

  4. i want to come hiking with you you have such beautiful places to visit

  5. Am envy with green heheeh. That is a beautiful lake view Mommy and look at all of you, so happy in the photos!

  6. What a beautiful location! Makes me want to get out more!

  7. This sees to be a beautiful place to go hiking. It seems like a place a family will fall in love with.

  8. Such a gorgeous spot! Don't think that I would ever get tired of hiking there. You are so lucky to have it in your back yard and your family to enjoy it with. Great photos yet again.

  9. That must be so beautiful to see in person, the pictures are amazing. You have q beautiful family.

  10. Adin, I am very sorry of what happened to your family, but glad to hear that your family are all alive... hiking and just wandering around the nature is one thing we can clear our mind or relaxed, i feel your pain, although i don't have relatives that are affected, but seeing what our fellow pinoy is going through esp the kids, bleeds my heart...God is good.

  11. Bonding with the nature after a stressful thoughts back home is uplifting isn't it?

  12. I wish we have hiking trails here in FL. It is all flat in here.

    1. That is one of the reasons why we moved to Wyoming from Kansas. But hey, you can still go on a hike even on flat lands... I am sure there are some trails around your area. ;)


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