Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Food Share: Pretzel Buns and Egg Drop Soup Wanna Be Ramen Noodles

Last weekend my kids and I were busy baking and cooking and one of the things that we made were some pretzel buns. I have never made pretzel buns before so Pinterest to the rescue (of course). After searching for a recipe, I came with one that I liked and we baked away! Thank goodness to my trusty old bread machine friend because it does all the dough making for me. And here is my own version! I see a lot of these buns at Safeway every time we go grocery shopping, but I didn't really want to buy it because I always thought I could make some homemade. These didn't last long and it was gone like lighting flash. It was good paired with homemade chicken soup that I made. Perfect for a cold winter day. 

We also love to buy instant Ramen noodles because they are cheap and quick to fix. Plus it is something that I am used to eating since I was a kid. Ramen noodles are versatile though because you can prepare it in different kinds of ways and not just the plain noodles. For my dish I decided to fake it a little bit and made sort of an egg drop soup type of ramen noodles. I am an egg drop soup kind of gal. I could have fancied it up by sprinkling chopped onion leeks or chives, but I didn't have anything on hand. Either way, it was so good and my kids enjoyed the soup. I also like adding tons of vegetables with my ramen or adding some onions in the water first and wait to boil as it adds up a lot of taste to the soup. How about you, how do you omph up your Ramen noodles? 

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You can click on this link for the Bread Recipe.

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With the egg drop soup part, I just mixed in a little bit of cornstarch, coconut milk (I am into coconut milk and coconut oil lately) and two eggs. Just mix them up together, then use a strainer and slowly pour the egg mixture through the strainer over the soup and you will see it start forming into like an egg drop soup. Easy as that! I have no particular recipe. 

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  1. yummy recipe for the bread please

  2. Wow that all looks and sounds amazing I have to agree with Becca a recipe for the bread would be fab :) x

  3. Those looks so good, can I have a bowl of the ramen soup please?

  4. it looks good, you are tempting me. i maybe cook this one tomorrow, egg drop soup is good for cold weather... all i have to do is to look for a recipe...thanks for sharing.

  5. That looks great, love that something so simple can become a meal with a little creativity.

  6. That bun looks great. It will definitely go for any kind of soup.


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