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Product Review: Learning The Philippine National Language With Dino Lingo

My family received a complimentary product from Dino Lingo to facilitate a dependable and honest review. Read below for my full disclosure. 

As some of you may know, I am a Filipina married to an American man therefore our kids are Filipino-Americans. In an effort to introduce my kids to my Philippine culture because that is part of who they are, I wanted them to learn at least the Philippine National Language- Tagalog. Although, Tagalog isn't my first language (I speak Bisaya), but I want them to learn Tagalog anyway as it can help them when someday as they get old and decide to visit the Philippines. Everywhere you go in the Philippines, Tagalog language is understood hence it is the National Language. When I learned about a company called Dino Lingo Language Program an award-winning program, I was excited to try out their product. Sure, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the Cebuano Language, but still thrilled to learn that they do have the Tagalog version. I got hold of the company and they agreed to work with me. I am really thankful for this opportunity and their trust to review their product. With that said, let's get to know more about the company and their program, shall we? 

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Here are some information Dino Lingo language learning programs:

Dino Lingo is designed as a fun, light, and entertaining method to introduce children to common and simple vocabulary words in a target language. We have designed these language learning programs to engage children as a form of entertainment, which ignites the imagination and encourages them to want to gain a deeper understanding of the target language.

The Dino Lingo language learning program is designed as an introduction to 200 vocabulary words, which a child may easily identify after watching the video several times. The goal of the entertaining and engaging DVDs is to capture a child's imagination, as they are introduced to new words in a new language.

The Dino Lingo programs are not recommended for children who have had over 50+ hours of instruction of immersion in the target language, as they might find this vocabulary "too easy". However, as an introduction and an educational form of entertainment, we highly recommend watching the Dino Lingo language learning programs as a family.

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Here are the products I received, a Full Home Education Set, which includes all of the following: 
  • 5 DVDs
  • 150 flashcards
  • 10 posters
  • Vocabulary book
  • Coloring book
  • World map
  • Filipino flag
  • Parents guide
  • Dinosaur plush toy
  • Progress chart and report
  • Children's Music CD (only available in certain languages)

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Our Review:

- We were so excited when we received the product in the mail because it included a whole lot of fun learning things that kids can use. It has DVDs and one CD with Filipino songs in it. It has a whole bunch of flashcards that parents and kids can play together with photos of animals, fruits, clothes, etc. It has posters, coloring books, a 2014 Calendar, and some stickers to keep track of your kid's progress in learning Tagalog languages. It also came in with the little blue dino stuffed toy that my son loves to play with because he is into dinosaurs lately so it makes sense. 

- Watching the Dino Lingo show is one of the things that Harley looks forward to when coming home from school. By using dinosaurs as their main characters really capture the kids' attention and makes learning more fun. They don't even know that they are actually learning just by watching the DVDs. And speaking of kids' attention, we know that kid's attention span only last for about a few minutes and the length of the videos are just right so kids doesn't get bored by the end of the show. The music is fun to listen to and very catchy. It is so sweet listening to my little man speaking after the video and learning the Tagalog words. Even my little girl can now say Araw and Ina. She enjoys the videos too! 

- There are five (5) DVD in the Dino Lingo package and in each DVDs teaches the kids about colors, numbers, animals, food, people, places, and a whole lot more. Dino Lingo ensures that kids will learn new languages in a more fun and effective way. And as you can see in my videos, my little man is learning some Tagalog words especially counting numbers. 

- Dino Lingo Language Learning program is not just for kids to do, but the whole family can take part. It would make for a fun healthy competition between siblings or for the family. 

- If this was my money, it's worth the buy. I would recommend it to other parents out there who would love their kids to learn a new language. 

If you and your kids are ready to discover a new language, Dino Lingo Language Program is a fun, easy and effective way to learn. Don't forget to check out their website today. Right now they have a Christmas Special Sale where everything is 15% off by using a coupon code HOLIDAY15. Thank you, Dino Lingo! 

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  1. i think it's great when kids learn another language it is so educational especially as they get older

  2. Oh wow what a cute and lovely way to learn another language it looks like it will be fun as well. x

  3. Its amazing for kids to learn so easily, that's why as for me? during the time I'm still pregnant I ensure that I talked to him in tag-bi tagalog bisaya, even though he won't say the word the important part is he understand tag-bi. this is a great way to learn too as much as they are still little the best way for them to learn.

  4. Aww this is what I need for my minions. Thanks for sharing Mommy!

  5. What a great system. I will check them out we want to teach our youngest a second language so this is perfect.

  6. That must be a wonderful product. Harley is tri-lingual!! You are a awesome teacher Adin.

  7. This is a very awesome way to teach the little ones to speak our own native language. I will recommend this to a very who's finding ways to teach her sons Tagalog.


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