Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OOTN (Outfit Of The Night) Kids Version

I call it OOTN (Outfit Of The Night) because my kids wore it during my little man's first school Christmas Concert last night. I still can't believe I now have a Kindergarten and we just attended his first school concert. It was a great night and we are glad we made it. To see my little man up on the stage along with his classmates and schoolmates singing Christmas songs was special. 

 photo IMG_2744_zps1fb4cd44.jpg
We live in a small town Wyoming folks so expect it not to be all glammed up outfits. And, expect to see plaids or flannels and cowboy boots. Yee Haw! 

Flannel Shirt: ShopKo $9.99
Pants: Crazy 8 (on sale online) $11.39
Shoes: thrift-ed $2
(it looked beat up when I found it at the thrift store, but with the help of a shoe polish, it looked almost as good as new)
Total: under $25

 photo IMG_2253_zps5e3e2666.jpg

 photo IMG_2739_zpscb479517.jpg
My little girl in her pixie haircut courtesy of big brother. 

Red & White Polka Dot Dress: thrift-ed and Vintage $3
Tights: Walmart (old) ?
Shoes: Crazy 8 (on sale online) $8.99
Total: under $15

 photo IMG_2735_zpsa42264ba.jpg
My "Oh My Gosh! My mom never stops taking pictures of me" kind of pose. 

 photo IMG_2737_zps1f5e42c9.jpg

 photo IMG_2748_zps2e4d1da7.jpg

 photo HarleysFirstConcert_zps2d2784b5.jpg


  1. Love all of the photos. Harley is so grown up and Selby is just the sweetest little girl in the world.

  2. They look like twins mommy Adin! So cute!

  3. oh my how cute and precious you are certainly blessed

  4. What Cuties your little girl in her red and white polka dot dress actually reminds me of myself as a little girl!! lol :)

  5. They both look great, I love plaid and flannel. Even though it is not the thing where I live I still wear it.

  6. Awe, they are adorable.. I love the one where she has her head turned sideways with that big ole smile and bright eyes.. so cute.

  7. I love their outfits, kids are just adorable when you wear them in some outfit no matter what, and your girl's pixie cut??? I love it.

  8. Your kids are so cute! One proud stage mama ka na mommy :D Oh your little girl is a doll :D

  9. Little man is do adorable and glam bed up!!
    Baby princess is too cute!
    Congrats on your sngels

  10. They look both very nice and cute mommy Adin! Who would have thought that those shoes were beat up! Ah I love the pixie haircut of Selby! Bogs also had their Winter concert last night.

  11. Selby is always cheerful and Harley is looking so handsome! Nice outfits by the way!

  12. You kiddos look so adorable and I love their outfit especially your lil girl's shoes :D


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