Monday, December 9, 2013

Product Review: Fun Spunge Headband (Super Absorbent Bathtime Headband)

We received a complimentary product from Fun Spunge to facilitate a dependable and honest review. Read below for my full disclosure. 

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When a child fusses because water and soap dribble on their face during bath time – it’s not fun. Put the playtime back in bathtime with the FunSpunge™ Headband! FunSpunge absorbs water, keeping it off your child’s face making it easier for you to wash hair without crying.

What Does The Product Promise?
- No More Crying- Makes Bathtime Fun Time! 

Blue/Green Bubbles Headband

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Fun Spunge Blue/Green Bubbles Super Absorbent Bathtime Headband.
Helps keep water and soap out of children’s eyes so there is more time to splash and play.
One Size Fits All Children 12 Months & Older

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(Because my little girl didn't really want to wear the headband or at least try it on, her big brother volunteered to wear it so I could take a picture. Thanks, Babba!)

Our Review:

- It is sad to say that this product didn't work for my little girl.  I guess I should have known better because she doesn't really like anything around her head except for when we go outside in the cold and she has to wear a hat. There for a while I was looking for a way to where bathtime for her can be a little bit easier so soap and water wouldn't dribble on her face, which results to crying so I searched online and found out about Fun Spunge

- Yes, it is made of thick, stretchable material, and it is well-made. Super absorbent, indeed. 

- Another thing that I also thought of why she doesn't want to wear it it's because it is a bit tighter around her head and I kind of had a hard time putting it on her, too. 

- Even though this simple product didn't really work for my little girl, but I still believe that it would work for other babies that are a bit younger than her or for those babies who don't mind wearing something around their heads. 

- Thank you, Fun Spunge for the complimentary bath time headband. 

Don't forget to visit their website today at

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  1. i like this so cute and functional

  2. I have one and I find it very useful for kids, they will be happier during bath time without worrying those soap on their eyes.

  3. What a clever idea, my little one is horrible about rinsing the soap out of his hair because he is afraid it will get into his eyes.

  4. My daughter can surely benefit from this because she hates it when her hair goes to her face when I wash her. Nice product.

  5. Thankfully my boys are getting better at getting their faces wet. We struggle some days, so we could definitely use the Spunge!

  6. I think those are cute. Though my kids doesn't mind the water on their faces. They love to swim.

  7. perfect little bathroom accessory! I could have used something like this for my daughter when she was little. She is 17 now and would probably still use it, she hates water on her face. My son, exact opposite, could care less.

  8. Both of my kids hates soap going on their faces when taking a shower, this is something they could use.

  9. This is great for bathing toddlers. The tear-free formulation of some kid shampoos are not really tear-free.


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