Friday, December 6, 2013

Weather Lately

It has been quite a cold cold week for our neck-of-the-woods. For a few days, the wind's been blowing like crazy, which makes it even colder, like brutal cold. For days, it was nasty outside that I don't even feel like going outside anymore due to the strong wind. If it wasn't for the nasty wind, I would take my little girl outside to play in the snow. Today's a little bit sunny, but still is cold. Even with a weather like this, the school must go on so my boys have to get up early in the morning and leave for school. Stay warm and safe everyone! 

 photo IMG_2023_zpsb2632503.jpg
Ducksday Suit, LLBean Snow Boots, SnowStopper Mittens, Self-made crocheted beanie. We're doing it the Fireman way since it is easy to put the suit on this way. 

 photo IMG_2550_zpsdf741ad0.jpg

 photo IMG_2548_zps00625205.jpg

 photo IMG_2009_zps2eda55f9.jpg

 photo IMG_2018_zps94da3fda.jpg

 photo IMG_2017_zpsdc5b1fc0.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zps3dded8c2.jpg

 photo IMG_2016_zpse29c2867.jpg

 photo Pandesal_zps018dcd4a.jpg
But of course! Some homemade Pan de Sal for the family. 


  1. I love your way of getting him dressed. It most definitely does work much better the fireman way, lol also those winter pics are gorgeous!

  2. Oh my. Send some snow my way!! We have the extremely cold weather and the wind to create a blizzard, just not enough humidity. Oh, I want snow!

  3. oh you guys had a blast, she taking teddy too of course, oh..the pandesal...just wish i could make it

  4. It is freezing and snowing here too. Wish I could grab some of those pandesal lol.

  5. Those are such beautiful pictures, I would love to see it in person. Born and raised in Florida, I have enver seen snow like that.

  6. AAaawww! I love the white surrounding. Even though it's cold but its beauty is remarkable. Just keep nice and warm. Your pretty modle mami adin is so adorable and I love her outfit too.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Got your white Christmas early.

  8. It must be SO nice to have snow! I'm a little jealous!

  9. this makes me so happy ilive in FL because i cant handle the snow


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