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Product Review: NATURAWL Bar Soap and Hand & Body Lotion

My family received some complimentary products from Naturawl a few weeks ago and I was thrilled when I heard about these new All-Natural products that are not only wonderful for our skin, but for the environment as well. I am always on a hunt for new products that are both natural and Eco-friendly. 

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Plant-based organic body and home care lifestyle products using only the purest  raw ingredients made available by nature.  Free of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances and dyes. 82 - 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Fair-trade, eco-conscious and sustainable materials. 98% plastic-free packaging.  Crafted in small batches. Approved by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics.  + Every NATURAWL product purchased plants a tree through our partnership with Trees For the Future.  

nat.u.ral;  existing in or formed by nature / having little or no processing and containing no chemical additives.

raw;  uncooked / in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state.

What does the Company promise? 
If you are someone who is searching for all-natural and Eco-friendly productsNaturawl is worth the try. Their devotion to making all-natural and Eco-friendly products is also extended into making sure their packaging is also Eco-friendly by using recycled, renewable, handmade, fair-trade and sustainable materials whenever possible. Scroll down below to learn more. 

- The company promises to provide you with products that are made of the purest raw ingredients made available by nature. Products that are not only safe for your skin, but for the environment and at the same time, help plant trees for the better future. 

Here are the products I received:
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Price: $20
FREE Shipping on orders over $55
LAVANILLA BODY & HAND LOTION with lavender pure essential oil / vanilla oil / organic jojoba oil / organic castor seed oil / vitamin e / housed in reusable glass pump bottle / 4 oz

Product Detail:
LAVANILLA BODY & HAND LOTION with lavender pure essential oil / vanilla oil / organic jojoba oil / organic castor seed oil / vitamin e / housed in reusable glass pump bottle / 4 oz / vegan / cruelty free / + plants a tree / pump a small amount of lotion into hands and rub together / gently smooth over skin avoiding the eyes.

 photo SoapCollage_zps51d34ba9.jpg
(I love the look of the bar with all the seeds. My little man thought it is funny looking, but smells so wonderful!)

Price: $10
FREE Shipping on orders over $55
LAVANILLA BODY & HAND BAR SOAP with organic saponified oils, organic lavender flowers / vanilla bean / pure essential organic oils / glycerin based.

Product Detail:

LAVANILLA BODY & HAND BAR SOAP with organic saponified oils, organic lavender flowers / vanilla bean / pure essential organic oils / glycerin based / housed in cardboard made from recycled materials / fair-trade natural plant fiber / 5.5 oz / vegan / + plants a tree / Approved by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics.

Our Review: 
My kids love taking a bath using the bar soap because according to my little man, it smells good. And as a mama, it makes me comfortable to know that the soap is made of raw natural ingredients and are harmless to my kids' gentle skin. 

What We Like About Them?
- The packaging was minimal and there were not a lot of plastic involved except for the one covering the bar, which I also learned that the wrap around the soap is biodegradable. Living up to their promise of using Eco-conscious packaging whenever possible. 

- We like that it is made of Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils, which is safer for our skin. I am for essential Oils and natural ingredients.

- The lotion smells wonderful and it leaves my skin smooth and "naturally" fragrant. 

- Same goes with the soap, it is naturally fragrant and leaves my skin fresh and clean after taking a shower. The smell is not overpowering and to be honest, it is soothing. Of course, it has vanilla and other soothing essential oils in it. 

- The lotion comes in a 4fl oz bottle and it says it is a hand and body lotion, but because of its size, I like to use it as a hand lotion. Perfect to place by the vanity so after washing and drying your hands, you can quickly moisturize your hands using the Naturawl Lotion. I like that it comes in its own bottle and not plastic and is also reusable. 

- The wonderful thing about purchasing Naturawl products is that every Naturawl product purchased means planting a tree through their partnership with the Trees For The FutureIt is a company with a great cause. 

What We Don't Like About Them?
- For the soap, it takes a while for it to lather up and it doesn't lather up as much either. Now I know that the bubbles aren't the thing that cleans your skin, but I do like it to really bubble up. It is just a Psychological thing, you know. I am sure you understand what I am talking about. 

- Because it takes a while to lather up, the bar soap doesn't really last long especially if you use it every day. Right now, our bar soap is down to an itty-bitty size. 

- That's it! Those are the only things I can think of that we are not such a fan of. I hope this one works for you! We all have different skin types and preference when it comes to products so even though these worked for us, but for some it might not. Still, it is worth the try especially if you are on a specific or strict regimen when it comes to bath products. 

Would I buy it if I ran out? 
I must admit the price is a bit steep for a SAHM like me, but considering the ingredients they are made of, I understand. Maybe if they go on sale and I can save up a little bit of money, I would. I don't know if I may have missed it on their website, but I sure would love to see some bubble bath products for toddlers or little kids. My kids could surely use it during bath time. 

Don't forget to visit Naturawl's website today and shop around! Thank you, Naturawl

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  1. Same as me - I would love to use natural organics products, but the prices are high. Maybe when my salary is huge, then I will buy these products.

  2. I like soap bars and lotion in vanilla or lavender scents.

  3. I would love to try that, I am always on the hunt for new natural products.

  4. Love that it's a combination of lavender and vanilla scent in it.

  5. Oh nice product, something I have not known before looks good and for the price its affordable.

  6. That is a nice name, very catchy. I like my soap to lather up good as well.

  7. I know what you mean about the soap being able to lather up good, I like my soap bubbly too, otherwise I don't feel like I used soap at all. :P But I think that's a trait most Eco friendly bar soaps have.. :P

  8. I love all natural soaps, but agree that I do like mine to lather, lack of that makes me feel like it's not cleaning. Idk why..

  9. I salute companies who are aware of the environment. I love eco-friendly products and this sounds like a very promising one. I love lavender especially when it's mixed with vanilla.


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