Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Kids: What They Wore (OOTD)

Photos of my ever so growing kids and their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day). It is amazing to see our kids growing up so fast and are learning a lot of things already. My little man who is now in Kindergarten loves going to school so much so that he is always looking forward to going to school everyday. Not once did we ever hear him say he does NOT want to go to school, but rather excited. My little girl (my last baby) who is two years old is already talking up a storm. And not only that, she is learning how to potty on her own potty chair. Yaye! I love how simple things make kids very happy like the whole potty thing. I mean, she knows I was really proud of her when she was able to go on her own and that really made her happy and excited. Motherhood is not always sunshine, but these two sure make it fun and interesting. Never a dull moment with kids in the house. These two can drive me nuts sometimes, but they also make me happy, special and loved. They are my world. I love you, my sweet bees.

 photo IMG_2606_zpsc0d00873.jpg
Hooded Army Jacket: c/o Small Concept
Thermal Layer Long-Sleeve Shirt: c/o Terramar Sports
Jeans: Hand-Me-Down
Boots: Muck Boots Company (giveaway win)
Total: $0
 photo IMG_2609_zps3122613b.jpg

 photo IMG_2608_zps1baf5f7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2620_zps1855b086.jpg
She's wearing my vintage hat
Top: crazy8 $4.19 (it was on sale)
Skirt: self-made 
Adidas Rain Boots: via 6pm $24.99
Total: $29.18
 photo IMG_2615_zps887786d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2614_zps0b379b2b.jpg
This little girl loves her clothes and her shoes. Hmmmm.. I wonder where she got that. (wink) There is a pink knit dress on that she really likes, and I know that because when she likes something she starts to giggle and gives me that really sweet look. I will have to wait until it is on sale though. I am not going to pay full price for that one. 
 photo IMG_2618_zps6942fe6c.jpg


  1. Oh they are sooo cute. Maybe you could treat her to the dress for her birthday.

  2. Napapangiti ako lagi onlce I looked at Selby and Harley's smiles, they are so sweet!

  3. i love the pretty cool outfit they've got, it seems like they are loving everything a lot

  4. How fashionable and stylish!! I love the bunny shirt! I'd so wear it if it came in my size :)

    - Sofia

  5. fashionable and chic! I like your daughter's skirt, so girly.

  6. Kids have their own style. :) My little one even wear dress-up if we go to town sometimes. she just feels like it. :) I love your daughter's outfit sis.

  7. They are so adorable. My son chooses what he wants to wear now and so does my girl.

  8. your children are too cute I love when they model their clothes it is the best and they are alway dressed so adorable future super models for sure

  9. So cute - I especially fancy your daughter's outfit! <3

  10. I love their boots and Selby's hat, very fashionista.

  11. My nephew doesn't care what he wears. :) Sometimes my sister-in-law gets upset with him. We want him to look cute.
    Your kids are cute!

  12. You kids look so cute in their outfits, love those colorful and fun boots! Thanks for sharing their lovely pictures.

  13. I love their boots! and I love Kids ootd!

  14. Ohh.. they're both adorable.. :) love their outfits too.. :)


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