Monday, February 10, 2014

Family Time: Snow Day For The Family

Didn't plan on going anywhere yesterday, so instead of being stuck inside the house and sitting in front of our computers, we spent a good hour of playing outside in the snow.  We had about 4 1/2 to 5 inches of snow, maybe? While we were at the table and having breakfast, I told the kids to fuel up and warm up because I am taking them outside to play in the snow. It is sad to think that the snow will all melt away and we won't even get to enjoy it as much. Instead of whining about how cold and how snowy the weather is, we might as well enjoy it. Plus, we also get a good workout just by playing outside in the snow without even noticing it. And, not to mention dressing up the kids warm, which takes up a long time also burns calories. Yep! I am telling you it probably took me 30 minutes just to dress up both kids and I was sweating in my own snowsuit. 

Anyway, we made it out into the snow and we enjoyed a good hour of snow fun with the kids. When we came back inside the house, the house was nice and warm, thank goodness to the woodstove. And to my husband for working so hard to collect all those firewood. Have a great one! 

 photo IMG_2899_zpsf793ba55.jpg

Little man: 
Weatherproof Coat- via
Dakine Waterproof Gloves:
Snow Pants: c/o DucksdayUSA 
Boots: MUCKS Boots (Giveaway Win) 
It is his favorite pair of boots

Little girl:
Snow Suit: c/o DucksdayUSA
Hat: c/o CoverYourHair
Waterproof Gloves: c/o SnowStopper
Snow Boots: LL Bean (hand-me-down) 
It was from her big brother

 photo IMG_2921_zpsd456f468.jpg

 photo IMG_2905_zpsa31ef5e8.jpg

 photo IMG_2915_zpsb3bdba7e.jpg

 photo IMG_2911_zps8979d66e.jpg

 photo IMG_2919_zpsf99ab130.jpg

 photo IMG_2920_zpsdd564b76.jpg
My kids enjoy watching and waving at the train when it passes by, and there's this one kind train conductor who always waves back at the kids. And even honks the train, which makes Harley proud that the choo choo train is honking at him. Cute! 

 photo IMG_2924_zps50549b2e.jpg

 photo mmmmmmm_zpsf960ac95.jpg

 photo IMG_2923_zpsb872f332.jpg

 photo IMG_2918_zps8c145273.jpg

 photo IMG_2929_zps2b256306.jpg

 photo IMG_2927_zpsb0561923.jpg

Oh yes! The mudroom scene. The kids were ready to take off their snow gear and stay inside the house all nice and warm. 
 photo IMG_2931_zps21485fde.jpg


  1. Yes, and they probably slept like bears in hibernation - good job mommy!

  2. Outdoorsy talaga kayo Mommy. You inspired me kaya I went for a walk this morning despite the cold temp lol.

  3. You sure did have fun mommy Adin!! Oh boy, your mudroom looks like our living room! lol! That's what happens to our living room every time we come home from the outside! Lol! It has warmed up a bit here and the snow is not that very nice anymore... it's already filthy and slushy!

  4. hahaha...they seems to have so much fun in the snow, eventually kids always were the last one to feel of how cold the weather is...

  5. I love seeing kids enjoying the outside even in winter! Looks like you guys had a great day! I would be happy if the train conductor was waving at me too. One of my favorite things when I was little was watching the trains go by!!

  6. Looks like another fun day for the Blankenships. You live in a beautiful winter wonderland. Do you think it was divine intervention that brought you to a home with a railroad and train for Harley? He must be in heaven every time the train goes by.

  7. Loved your photos and the poem. Sure looked like fun.

  8. It looks as if your family had a great time in the snow. I don't like snow, but I do enjoy eating it with my children.

  9. That is a LOT of snow. I would have frozen solid at one step out of the door. LOL


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