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Product Review: Kate's Bar (Real Food For Real Energy)

Are you looking for a healthier snack-on-the-go? Have you ever tried Kate's Bar before? Well, actually it is not just a snack-on-the-go, but also a meal-on-the-go. In today's world, people are always busy working, studying, traveling, and even playing, that sometimes we tend to skip meals. I know I did when I was still in school. Meals-on-the-go are usually what busy people prefer, but sometimes it can be unhealthy. And that is why Kate, the owner of Kate's (Real Food for Real Energy) came up with her own line of energy bars. Let's find out a little history about Kate's. 

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Kate's History
Long before Kate Schade became a business owner and whole foods advocate, she was a self-proclaimed ski bum.  Tram Bars, Kate’s preliminary food source for on-the-go fun, were made on off-days in her kitchen.  In line at 7:00 a.m., Kate would catch first box at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, ski all day, then grab a quick shower before slinging Italian food in the evenings. All the while, her Tram Bar pocket-fuel satiated any nourishment needs.The Tram Bar recipe evolved over time (consistent with Kate’s cupboard availabilities) and with each tweaking, the recipe perfected itself. Kate continued her routine; sometimes tossing bars to gawking, hung-over friends in the tramline. Still, she ignored her friends’ suggestions of starting a viable Tram Bar business. “Too much work,” she confessed before dropping into a powder-filled couloir.
After years of poking and prodding by her sometimes-hostile comrades, Kate bit the bullet and became an entrepreneur.  While still working her night job and spending summers managing farm workers at Cosmic Apple Gardens, a local CSA farm, she also dedicated her spare time to produce and sell the now famous Tram Bars. Kate’s time on the farm helped her adopt the conscious eating habits that shaped today’s organic bar recipes.

At Kate's, we don't skimp. Our wholesome energy bars are hand crafted from organic and GMO-free ingredients. For outdoor play that takes you deep into the backcountry or for grab-and-go sustenance, you can count on Kate's whole food bars to deliver.

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Photo source: Kate's 
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(Hand Crafted Kate's Energy Bars with Love and Care as her secret ingredients)

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What Do I Think About The Bars?

- I must say I wasn't a huge energy bar fan before, but I don't dislike them. It's just that with other energy bars, they are too sweet and they don't taste right for me. I mean some of them tastes like cardboard or blah. But when I learned about Kate's (Real Food for Real Energy) bars, I was excited to try. Especially when I read the ingredients and that it is sweetened with Organic Honey, I was in! You can really taste the difference between Kate's bar and the other energy bars that are out in the market. For me, it is the best yet. These didn't even last long in our house. 

- My favorite of all would be the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Stash Bar. No! Scratch that. I like all of them! Even my picky-eater boy that I thought would not eat it, ate it. I like all the flavors that make Kate's Bar because you can really taste it. I mean, if it says it has dried fruit in it, then you will see and taste dried fruits. The flavor and the texture of these energy bars are wonderful. The Kate's bar are not like cardboard texture-wise, but it is well coated with Organic honey. It doesn't freeze up when you take it outside on a cold day while you go for a hike, Snowshoeing, skiing, or whatever winter activities you do. It is easy to chew and easy on the tummy. To be serious, these are huge bars that even eating half of it, I was full. 

- I can't find these bars at any of the stores around where we live in Wyoming, but I am going to purchase them online. They will be perfect for our many road trips, especially with the kids always hungry and we don't always have time to stop at a restaurant to eat. These are the healthy options that I can provide for my family for when we are on-the-go. Guarantee they will be in our pockets for our hiking trips this summer. 

- One more thing, if you are on the Organic diet, these Kate's bars are made of Organic ingredients. Take a look at the ingredients on one of her bars below, that's also my favorite. Thank you, Kate's

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You can also watch a video of Kate talking about her line of energy bars on a YouTube video below. To find out more about Kate's (Real Food for Real Energy) bars, or if you would love to buy some, you can checkout the website at 

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  1. Another great review. I often need something healthy to substitute for a meal and Kate's energy bars sound perfect. Non GMO ingredients coupled with organic honey and coconut oil made these bars good for my body and mind. Thank you for introducing me to Kate's company.

  2. I love to get energy bars, i presume this are the kind of bars i can eat everyday especially during winter when i'm not motivated to exercise. thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds like a great way to get in a snack without all the added nonsense that comes with some bars. Will have to check them out.

  4. Now this is good to know! I suddenly would love to have that for snack time!

  5. My husband will surely love this. He eat snack bars most of the day. And according to him these are good substitute to unhealthy meal.

  6. Wish we had that here! Energy bars are staples in our pantry. :-)

  7. Another addition to my family's yummy favorites. :) We love taking snacks when traveling. These sound very good.

  8. That looks yummy! I love snack bar and I usually give my kids this kind of snack. Healthier and handy

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  11. I love entrepreneurs who create their product based from their own experience.

  12. Sounds like a great product and the packaging looks pretty trendy and the bars look yummy!!


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