Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Kids: Because Photo Sessions Are Fun

My children are never shy when it comes to taking photos. They are always asking me to take their photos and they are always trying out new poses, silly faces, and sometimes throwing a doll up in the air while taking pictures to see what comes up. Because photo sessions are fun and they love to see the outcome. Every time I take a shot, they are always checking the camera to see how the photo turned out. They are like little photo critics always making sure the photo turned out just the way they like it. I am telling you, they would make great little models. (LOL)

 photo IMG_3088_zps674dff4a.jpg

 photo IMG_3098_zpsb73f0caa.jpg

 photo IMG_3091_zpse241bb71.jpg

 photo IMG_3080_zps44e2487a.jpg

 photo IMG_3069_zpsbf5fe9c2.jpg

 photo IMG_3058_zps59faf46f.jpg

 photo IMG_3060_zps570b19d7.jpg

Her Outfit:
Dress: I Made It
(It is so easy to make and I am hoping to share a tutorial on the blog one of these days)
Sandals: Jumping Jacks via 6pm
(She's all ready for the warm weather)
Dolls: Groovy Girls c/o Manhattan Toy

His Outfit:
Yellow shirt: Walmart
Jeans: Crazy8
Miss-Matched Socks: Walmart

 photo IMG_3074_zpsd744ff89.jpg

 photo IMG_3073_zpsf90a914b.jpg

 photo IMG_3076_zps6197f7b2.jpg

 photo IMG_3075_zps4e2bc212.jpg
Siblingly LOVE


  1. Your kiddos are precious! love how they don't get shy around camera unlike my kiddo :(

  2. So sweet ba sa duha. :) I super liked your shoes Selby! :)

  3. What sweet babies. Photos are darling.

  4. Great photos - they look like they're enjoying themselves!

  5. cute :) it's good that they are not camera shy as most kids do. they really did different poses there hihi

  6. awwww...the goofy and teaseful brother as i love your little girls, love with her dolls too, in the end it still shows how passionate an the big brother to his little sister...they love each other that's what matters most.

  7. They are so cute - I especially like your daughter - lovely! <3 It's good they are all happy in front of the photo - I mean, most kids tends to be shy when taking pictures.

  8. Awww that is super sweet parang amnvbait na KUya ni Harley no sis? I am sure he will be so protective of Selby when they grow up!

  9. Selby looks like she isn't feeling well on these photos. Such great models!

  10. They look adorable. You are great at sowing that is a beautiful dress and love the pic of your son and the flying doll, good one!


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