Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Girl's OOTD: Refashioned Le Jardin Des Fleurs Vintage Frock

I don't know what has gotten to me, but for some reason, I just didn't want to wear this dress anymore. I love the prints and the pretty flowers, I like the style and the cut, but the other night I decided to refashion it into my little girl's dress. Because it has been sitting in the closet for quite a while now that I could no longer stand it and had to do something with it, so it can be used again and not just collecting dust. And so I refashioned it. This is one of my vintage dresses that I got from a rummage sale a couple of years ago, and you can see me wearing this dress on this post

I have no pattern or tutorial for this dress, but I just used one of my little girl's dress as my template or guide to creating this dress. It was actually easy to make, except for the collar part, which I somehow have a hard time making. 

 photo edited4_zpsc4f600e1.jpg

 photo IMG_3273_zps26dc470e.jpg

 photo edited3_zps85b52d72.jpg
A snap closure on the back and why not add a big bow, too! And don't forget those pink Converse shoes! 

 photo IMG_3281_zps856e606a.jpg
I added a little Peter Pan collar for my little girl's dress. It is not perfectly made, but I like it the way it is. It looks way cuter on her. Also, I seem to gravitate towards making this style of dress for her, and it reminds me this dress I made her when she was one year old. 

 photo IMG_3276_zpse83b472f.jpg
Her outfit: 
Dress: Refashioned from a Vintage Dress for 25 cents - I Made It 
Shoes: Converse (Target)

 photo IMG_3280_zpse76c4593.jpg

 photo IMG_3283_zpsc7414b43.jpg
Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!


  1. You are the most creative Mommy ever! I love those dresses you make for Selby!

  2. wow ka nice sis. daghan ko sinina need to refashion , the only thing wala koy sewing machine.

  3. Awww! Mommy Adin you are one talented and skillful Mommy :-) The little girl looks so pretty in her dress that her Mommy sewn. She looks so adorable. Please give her hugs and kisses from me :-)

  4. wow! How I envy that kind of talent... How I wish to learn dressmaking or as simple as sewing something lol... Oh! Your model is such a cutie patotie =)

  5. You looked so beautiful in that dress and so does Selby. Would love to see you two dressed in identical outfits sometimes.

  6. Amazing you did a pretty great job mommy, i wish i'm always a great sewer as you do, and your little one a perfect model for your clothes.

  7. I wish I could sow like that. The dress came out super cute. Great job! Love the print.

  8. Very cute outfit for baby girl. :) So cute!


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