Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning Warrior Poet Giveaway

Spring Cleaning

While supplies last! Hurry up now and avail this wonderful giveaway from Warrior Poet Clothier. They are offering FREE Warrior Poet Armory shirts to all of you by entering the code below. All you have to pay is the Shipping + Handling Fee. How wonderful is that! I went ahead and ordered my son some shirts too, and I can't wait to have it. 

 photo 1307unreadmyholypondhillYahooMail_zps8c267dcb.png

We are a fan of Warrior Poet Clothier shirts. The colors don't easily fade, the prints don't fade easily, well-made, it is a comfortable shirt for my little man to wear, not itchy, and not to mention how cute the shirts are. The shirts hold pretty well in the wash and up until now, the shirts are still in great shape. 

I happened to review three shirts from Warrior Poet Clothier in the past and my boy loves all three of them. Below are photos of my little man wearing the Warrior Poet Clothier shirts he got from my previous product reviews. 

World Tour T-Shirt
 photo ShirtCollage_zps2b1a305a.jpg

Lady Liberty Long Sleeve Shirt
(Well, even my little girl wanted to wear the shirt. She is the one wearing the Lady Liberty Shirt)
 photo IMG_2314_zps2f850267.jpg

And the last one is my son's favorite shirt of all. He wore this yellow shirt last summer quite a lot because according to him, it is yellow and it is comfortable to wear. And it has a Dragon on the shirt. 

Griffon Crest
 photo IMG_0330_zps790745f2.jpg

Now again, here is the scoop:

Starting this week, we plan to give away a large number of free shirts (while supplies last) in order to spread the word about our brand! Using a coupon code which I will provide, your subscribers/readers will have access to FREE tees to the Warrior Poet Armory for only the price of Shipping and Handling. All they have to do, is add one of the 6 selected T-shirt styles to the shopping cart and enter the coupon code WP-Tee4Free upon checkout. The 6 styles are those pictured above: 

Chevron Icon
Lightning Shield
Keeping Things Private
I've Got Your Back
Sheriff Guitar

Okay, now hurry up and shop now before it is all gone! Thank you, Warrior Poet Clothier

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  1. they are cute! and love t-shirt!

  2. Great giveaway!!! I love Harley's dragon shirt too.

  3. it's just the best way to get their clothing and amazing design absolutely FREE i'm so glad to get all of little man is quite a model

  4. i like the long sleeve shirt, cute :) free shirts, i used to giveaway them too when i was still running my small business, a marketing strategy hihi

  5. I love their selection as well and my son is a number one big fan of WP.

  6. I forgot to post about the giveaway, sigh.

  7. The shirts look good on your lil kiddos! So cute! :)

  8. sounds nice, would love to join this one

  9. Giving away free shorts for promotion is a nice marketing strategy.

  10. Giving away free shirt is a nice way of promoting the product.


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