Sunday, March 9, 2014

Family Time: Brick Oven Pizza Time!

Note: I am not paid to advertise their restaurant, but I just  thought my readers would love to know just incase you are around Laramie, WY. 

My family and I went to Laramie, Wyoming yesterday because we wanted to explore new towns in Wyoming, and we haven't been there before. I will share some photos of the town later on in my next post. As soon as we got there, we parked our vehicle and started exploring the downtown area on foot. And if you are walking a lot, you acquire a big appetite, so we decided to grab a bite to eat and have some pizza. 

While we were walking downtown, I saw this place that says they have an Authentic Brick Oven Pizza, and without researching online about the best places to eat at (always consult the internet for tips on best places to dine or ask the locals), I thought it was worth the try. I am a big fan of brick oven pizza and I was hungry for some. 

This morning I went to research online about this place and I have read a lot of negative feedback about Roxie's On Grand (An American Bistro) place and their service, but as far as our experience went, it was good. The server was really nice, he made sure we had everything we need, he was always checking up on just in case we want something else, and he did a great job. And we appreciate him for his wonderful service. We went into this place and sat ourselves at the table by the window and we ordered a large brick oven pizza. We did have to wait quite a bit for our pizza to be delivered to our table, which worried me because our kids were hungry from all the walking that we did around downtown. I thought my kids would start getting antsy and wild, but thankfully they didn't. I guess some of the feedbacks were right because those people at the next table who came in after us and ordered pizza got their pizza really fast. I was shocked! Anyway, even though we had to wait that long for the pizza to be done, the pizza was really good. I mean, the crust was right, it was not greasy and heavy, and overall it was just delicious. We had a brick oven pizza before in Crested Butte, CO, but this one was better than that. Great tasting pizza! And as for the fries, not the best one. It was like soaking in oil, it was greasy and not really crispy. But, my little man still ate the french fries anyway. 

To be honest, I really do love this pizza and I wish now we still have more of these. Too bad we live far away from this place. I would have ordered it more and have pizza for breakfast in the morning if I could. (LOL) I guess I will have to research a new pizza dough recipe and sort of recreating it as much as I could. I know I won't be able to come up exactly like this pizza, but I will try my best. And that also reminds me, I want to buy some of those really delicious figs. I didn't think figs on a pizza works, but it does. At least for me. 

 photo IMG_3245_zpsf6a86e83.jpg

 photo IMG_3235_zps6f4dd2b5.jpg

 photo IMG_3232_zps16685ee6.jpg
That's the guy who served us that afternoon. We forgot his name, but we appreciate your wonderful service. Thank you! 

 photo IMG_3244_zpse98df3cf.jpg
It was after lunchtime we decided to go in and the place was no longer busy. 

 photo IMG_3243_zps285a4e4b.jpg

 photo IMG_3230_zpsc2c6845e.jpg

 photo IMG_3234_zps6a565c5f.jpg

 photo IMG_3231_zpsb6ee3f46.jpg

 photo IMG_3233_zps8694b6a9.jpg
Watching a Basketball game while waiting for our pizza. 

 photo IMG_3237_zpsa293f208.jpg

 photo IMG_3238_zpsfc7fac63.jpg

 photo IMG_3239_zps28b42e38.jpg

 photo IMG_3240_zps51a65d57.jpg

 photo IMG_3242_zpsa948a71e.jpg
My Silly French Fries Monster


  1. the pizza looks huge and delicious it's nice to know something without expecting however sometimes we end up getting what we don't expect at all.

  2. looks like everyone really enjoyed the meal, that pizza was really big :)

  3. I don't think I have ever tried brick oven pizza before but everyone that I know says it's really good.

  4. I like Harley's last shot, he is sop much fun!

  5. OMG! The pizza looks yummy! I'm drooling right now. Haha! :))

  6. I have never heard of figs on pizza either but it looked delicious. Can't wait to try it. Super photos of the family. Another memorable day for the Blankenships.

  7. sounds like a nice treat and that pizza is huge .

  8. The pizza looks so delectable.I love that the crust is thick and with lots of cheese.


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