Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Family Time: Harley's First Bass

Over the spring break my family and I traveled back to Kansas to our old house for the week to take care of things around the house. Also, we have been really homesick and this visit was a well-needed trip for the family. 

One of the things that we also looked forward to on this trip was to go fishing at our favorite fishing spot and was hoping to catch some bass. And sure enough, we were lucky we got three bass on our first fishing trip. Although, I was a bit sad I only got to go on one trip because we have been very busy working in our yard and in our garden as well. Plus, there were days where the weather wasn't pleasant to be outside. That next day after our first fishing trip, my husband went to the farm on his own and went fishing at the very same spot we were at, and caught a 9-lb bass. I think that's what he told me, but anyway, it was huge like almost as big as our 2-year old little girl. My fish craving was sure satisfied. 

 photo IMG_3503_zps46e4ce14.jpg

 photo IMG_3508_zps96a23de7.jpg
Teaching the young man how to fish. 

 photo IMG_3505_zps370f62e0.jpg

These three fish was what we had for dinner that night. My husband likes the way I cook my fish. I do it the Filipino way. I don't like filleting the fish because I want the bone in. It tastes waaaaaay better with the bone in. Just clean it up, season with salt and pepper, heat the oil in the frying pan and fry away. I also like to add garlic in the oil first for aroma. Yes! I cook my fish with the head and with the tail. I have influenced my husband into eating the fish head and the crunchy tail. 

 photo IMG_3348_zps2c649f6d.jpg
Great! (rolling my eyes) I got the smallest fish. 

 photo IMG_3513_zps25320216.jpg

 photo IMG_3519_zps6ff13fc0.jpg

 photo IMG_3518_zpsc8eda080.jpg

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  1. Loved, loved, loved the photos!!!! That is a huge bass that Tim caught. It is so nice to have a campfire at the farm and did Harley have his shoes off on that cold night? LOL I hate wearing shoes too. This is another great post Adin. Thank you.

  2. Whoa, that's huge - nicely done! It's nice to have these kind of stuff with the family. :)

  3. I enjoyed watching the video. You have a lovely family sis. Great job Harley, your fish is bigger than Mama's hehehe.

  4. First catch ever? Congratulations on your first bass! I want to fry them now. :)

  5. Wow, you guys arelucky to be able to fish out there? How much ba mommy ang license to fish dyan sa Wyoming?

  6. What a humongous fish your hubby is holding. I bet your son felt so thrilled on his first ever caught fish. We love to go fishing too but only me and my oldest son. It was fun and we didn't care burning our skin under the son just to catch one. So every summer we all get tanned naturally, we just make sure we have sun block lotion.

  7. Wow, that so wonderful! Although you got the smallest fish sis, I'm sure they gave it to you with so much love. :) I love nature-tripping and your camping adventure is so awesome.

  8. what a beautiful trip! makes me missed my childhood where we usually spent our summer vacation with my grandfather who's a fisherman...i missed fishing , swimming and getting sunburn:)


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