Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Family Time: Over The Spring Break Part 1

We went on a 2-day road trip back to Kansas over the Spring Break because we have been a little homesick, plus we also wanted to get our garden started. In that way, when we get back to our old house this summer, we will have some growing vegetables in the garden. That is if they even make it, but we are crossing our fingers and toes!

Road tripping has been a part of our kids life and thank goodness I can now say they are both seasoned travelers. There might be times where they get restless and anxious to get out of the vehicle so they could run around, but that's because they have been so good sitting and sleeping in their car seats for hours. We just make sure we have plenty of food, water, favorite toys, and a few stops to grab a bite to eat or to the park. We love road trips! 

On the day we left for Kansas, there was a snowstorm and it wasn't really a pleasant drive after all. It was freezing cold and our Jeep was covered in thick ice I could barely get my little girl out of the vehicle. It was so thick that you could hear the ice rubbing against the tire, so we had to stop at the gas station to fuel up and clean up the Jeep. But on the second day, it was nice and sunny and we made it safe back to Kansas.

 photo IMG_3367_zps01008396.jpg

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Bosselman Travel Center
Our little man's favorite place in Grand Island, Nebraska. Every time we travel, we have to make sure to stop at this place so he could play. 
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Two of my favorite things when traveling. Naked and F'real Milkshake. Yummy! 
I only get to treat myself with some F'real smoothie when traveling because they are available in some gas stations. 
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 photo IMG_3453_zps6fee5c64.jpg

Kids on bike and scooter while shopping for groceries to stock up our empty fridge back in Kansas.
 photo IMG_3310_zpsf9035ad1.jpg

Getting the garden ready for mama to plant. 
 photo IMG_3524_zps1d8a4e23.jpg

The Killer Tiller. 
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 photo IMG_3481_zps19b408c8.jpg

 photo IMG_3484_zps5e8fe2a7.jpg

I am excited to see some vegetables growing when we get back. 
 photo IMG_3380_zps5f084809.jpg

Have a great one! 


  1. Every day is an adventure for your family. You have a great life and I love to see you enjoy all that it offers. You never waste a minute. Love that Harley is making faces for the camera and Selby is so cute and sweet.

  2. They're so cute!! Looks like you gus had fun as always! Its so nice to see families who truly spend quality time together!

  3. Your kids are totally adorable, and I agree that the solution is not quitting life because you have children, rather train them so we can all LIVE life to the fullest and they can enjoy REAL life in every situation. You're such a positive mom!

  4. Great pictures! I love the one with your girl working with the shovel, wonderful light! And she has such a huge smile. You son is a true gentleman also!

  5. You all have been having a great time with lots of fun! Now you have me craving that drink though. :)

  6. Love the pictures. Least the snow (ice) didn't hamper the outing! Great post.


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