Friday, April 18, 2014

It's A Modkini Giveaway - Ends on 4/22

Ladies listen up! I have a giveaway to share with you today that might just answer your questions or problems when it comes to swimwear.  You know, summer is approaching and it will be time to shop for swimwear again. And for some, swimwear shopping can be quite challenging. 

Now tell me. If your answers to some of the questions below are YES, would you be interested in a  product that might help you with your swimsuit issue? If so, I want to share with you a little bit about a brand new line of a newly invited swimwear attachment called Modkini! What is Modkini, you say? It is a brand new line of patent-pending swimwear attachment that is not a tankini, but it transforms your bikini into a tankini. Scroll down some more to learn about it. 

Which swimsuit issue do you have?
1. Having trouble finding a flattering fitted tankini?

2. Don't want to spend a lot of money for just one swimsuit?

3. Find yourself adjusting  "the girls" because they are either too big or too small in your current swimsuits ?

4. Frustrated with the limiting styles and colors of tankinis?

5. Disappointed in your cover up options?


Transform your Bikini into a Tankini with a Modkini

ModKini is a brand new, patent pending swimwear attachment that transforms a bikini into a tankini. This revolutionary swim piece gives women (teenage and up) the opportunity to customize their swimsuit for a better fit, more coverage,flexibility, different styles and giving you confidence in the way you look anytime you're in a swimsuit!

Modkini is a Newly Invented Swimwear Attachment used with a Bikini to Create a Tankini

Modkini allows you to take advantage of the many cute styles, colors and better support of a bikini while getting the additional coverage you want.

Modkini's patent pending method of attachment makes the transition from the Modkini to your bikini top look natural; giving you confidence in the way you look anytime you're in a swimsuit!

The Modkini easily transitions from one bikini top to the next, giving you the flexibility to buy more swimsuits for less than you would spend on a single tankini! 

Why Modkini?
- Flattering  
- Transferable  
- Custom Fit  
- Cost Less  
- Multiple Styles  
- Options/Flexibility

Interested in knowing how to install or wear Modkini? 
Make sure to check out their website. 

I am really excited about having my own Modkini arriving in the mail. I love the idea of this new swimwear attachment because you get to save money this way and you no longer have to buy another tankini. You can transform your already existing bikini into a tankini, and it is like having a brand new tankini instantly. I just think this is perfect for moms or ladies who wants a good coverage in the mid-section so you can be comfortable in your swimwear, but yet don't want to spend that much money on one. 

Does Modkini sound interesting enough to you or what? If it is, then make sure to enter the giveaway and one of you will win your very own Modkini! But hurry up ladies because there are only 4 days left to enter. All you have to do is fill out the entry form below. Thank you everyone and Good luck! 

Disclaimer: Chetopian Family is not in charge of this giveaway and she is not responsible for shipping out the prize. This is a sponsored post however; Chetopian Family only recommends products and/or services that she would use herself. All thoughts and opinion are 100% mine. 

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