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Product Review: Real Kids Sunglasses Are Your Kids' Fun Sun Essentials. (Not Your Kid's Toy Sunglasses)

This is actually not my first time to review their products. A year ago, I had my first opportunity to review their other sunglasses (the sunglasses with straps) and it has been very useful for my kids. You can find my first review of Real Kids Shades on this link. My kids have kind of outgrown those glasses so I contacted them to see if they would be interested in another product review and I am glad they did. We received these two sunglasses for my kids for free in exchange for a product review for advertorial purposes. Now before I go on further, like I always start my review, a short introduction first about the company. 

Real Kids Shades provides quality 100% UV protection sunglasses for children.  Our goal is to have every kid wear sunglasses

About Real Kids

The Real Kids company produces sunglasses that are the leader in UV Protective Sunglasses for children ages 0-12. Their mission is to protect as many kids' eyes as possible from the damaging effects of UV radiation. With Real Kids Shades, their promise is simple, which is to offer affordable, premium quality, with 100% UV protective sunglasses designed specifically for kids. These sunglasses are made from durable materials that withstand rigorous kids' activities and that it will last longer than any other kid sunglasses out in the market. 

These Real Kids Shades are not your kid's toy sunglasses, but I guess you can call it a necessity accessory kids' sunglasses with a flare.

What's In The Mail?

 photo IMG_4818_zps50bd881d.jpg

 photo IMG_4822_zps0e555703.jpg

 photo IMG_4838_zps3718921a.jpg
(Don't worry, my kids were safe during this photo shoot.)

The Real Kids sunglasses for my boy is the BOLT POLARIZED in two-toned color.  
 photo IMG_4836_zpsdcbbfc8b.jpg

Bolt Polarized
Price: $29.95
Two tone color Unbreakable Frames

We made the Bolt as an alternative to banded sunglasses. These sunglasses have classic temples and fashion-forward, two-tone coloring. The frames are super flexible so they’ll survive all the twists and turns of kid life without breaking.

Also available with P2 technology, providing both polarized and polycarbonate lenses.

What's so great about these:
100% UVA/UVB sun protection.
Comfortable Flex FitTM Frame
Wrap around frame minimizes exposure to peripheral light.
Impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lens

 photo IMG_4975_zps85008277.jpg

The Real Kids sunglasses for my girl is the SKY in Pink.
 photo IMG_4824_zpsac9d8e85.jpg


Price: $12.95
Iconic Styles with Unbreakable Frames

Looking for fashionable sunglasses without compromising 100% UVA/UVB protection? Sky and Surf provide serious sun protection and cool aviator and wayfarer styling. They come in a variety of lively colors so you can find just look you want. TPEE Flex FitTM means these glasses will always be comfortable and hard wearing.

What's so great about these:
100% UVA/UVB sun protection.
Comfortable Flex FitTM Frame
Impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lens.

 photo IMG_4827_zps2c608ea9.jpg

Our Review:

What Do We Like About It?
- We love the design and the color of these sunglasses. We also love the fact that it is not just an accessory, but it also made to help protect my kids' precious eyes from the harmful UV radiation.

- The quality of these glasses is really wonderful considering that the price is affordable. It is not made of plastic like the toy sunglasses that would break easily. But these glasses has sort of like a rubbery feel to it, it is flexible that I can even put try them on without breaking them. And the lenses don't scratch easily as well. 

- These sunglasses fit perfectly on my kid and it is comfortable for them to wear. It doesn't come off easily either, even though it doesn't have straps on it, which is a plus. 

- Another thing that we like about these sunglasses is that when it came in the mail, it was in this plastic case with a clip on it. With the case, it makes it easy to store the glasses when they are done using it and just clip it on their backpacks or your bag. 

What We Don't Like About It?
- The only problem that we have with these two sunglasses are the nose pieces or the bridge area, which is hard. Like if my kids are out playing and they fall face first, that nose piece could probably hurt their noses. I just think that it would be something that they could probably make some improvements. 

If It Was Our Money Used To Buy The Sunglasses, Was It Worth It?
- Yes! It would be worth the money. I do recommend it. 

How about you, what style of glasses do you like from their collection? Would you buy it or have you bought a pair from them? What do you like about their sunglasses? 

To check out the rest of the Real Kids Shades collection, visit their website at Thank you, Real Kids! 

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  1. Those are such cute sunglasses. My little man just broke his, so I am going to look into getting him a pair of these.

  2. My daughter just can't ever have enough sunglasses! She's 6 now, but she was that way since we was a baby!

  3. Those are cute. I can't keep sunglasses on my kids tho.

  4. Awww… my son definitely needs some sunglasses. I so bad about wearing them myself. That's probably why I keep forgetting to get some. :-/

  5. This is the first time that I've seen 'real' , doctor-approved sunglasses made specifically for really don't think of the lil' ones sporting the real deals, but very cute.

  6. Very cute sunglasses.. I remember my kids wearing similar ones and saying how cool they were..

  7. They are super cute! I need to get my daughter new ones. She has transitions for her glasses but could use sunglasses when she's having water play!

  8. I try to keep sunglasses on my grandkids all the time. I believe they are necessary as bright as the sun is for their protection. These are really cute glasses.

  9. My younger son has very similar glasses. I could totally see him rocking these!

  10. They are adorable and stylish! live the bold colours of the frame. I will need to get one for my son then. Sunglasses are a staple here in Dubai!

  11. I have to say, I do love these sunglasses! I got some for my boys a year or two ago, and they have really taken care of them.

  12. Those are such adorable sunglasses, the kids look super cool! :) my son always loved having some sunglasses.

  13. They look adorable in their sunglasses! It's so important to protect their eyes.

  14. Gotta love a good pair of kiddie shades in the summer. I just got a pair for my little-one and he loves them this year. Last year, I spent $45.00 on a pair of unbreakable shades and he lost them. This year, I went to Target $12.95- done! If he can keep them all summer without incident, perhaps we'll upgrade.

  15. Loved your review of the glasses and particularly your critique of the hard bridge of the nose area. Bet they have people working on that problem that you noticed. The photos of the children are so cute. Little Selby in her denim jumper is adorable. Can not wait to see them.

  16. Oh for cute! I agree. Kids need to be protected! Amber N


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