Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Red, White, & Blue

What a beautiful weather we have today in Kansas considering it is July. Usually it would be hot and humid at this time of year, but we are very thankful for this weather. We can only hope and pray the 4th of July weather will be like this. That would we wonderful! 

Today we went out of town to visit a really good friend, who is by the way a 98 1/2 years old lady. She's my husband's teacher and my husband's dad's teacher too. She is a sweet lady and it is always wonderful to see her. After our visit, we also went to the park so we could all get out, have fun and take advantage of this weather. It actually was a good day today seeing familiar faces, and talking to people that we know and haven't seen in a while. It was good to see you all! 

Then, after the park, we headed our way to the grocery store to shop for groceries. We bought a lot of fruits and vegetables today and I am one very happy mama. These past few days I have been on a no meat or chicken diet, except I still do eat eggs and fish. I don't know why because I am not really planning on becoming vegetarian or anything, but we will see where this leads to. I am just slowing eliminating the meat and chicken, but for me it is hard to give up eggs and fish. Anyway, have a great one! 

 photo IMG_4956_zps9148b2fa.jpg

 photo IMG_4957_zps145753c2.jpg

 photo IMG_4966_zps19aa50e9.jpg

 photo IMG_4967_zps031d9173.jpg

 photo IMG_4964_zps055ddf68.jpg
My Outfit: 
Top: Freepile (it was my Mom-in-law's)
Bottom: really old like 2005, bought it at the mall in the Philippines
Shoes: Esprit via 6pm

 photo IMG_4968_zps61e564fd.jpg

 photo IMG_4960_zps1022d71a.jpg

 photo IMG_4972_zps0f3bb8d9.jpg

 photo IMG_4988_zps8e27993f.jpg

 photo IMG_4976_zps6588462e.jpg

 photo IMG_4981_zps3b5d21dc.jpg

 photo IMG_4975_zps85008277.jpg

 photo IMG_4982_zps035eec85.jpg

 photo IMG_4979_zpse5fe4252.jpg

 photo IMG_4985_zps44bb7bf7.jpg

My husband with the kids and our good friend. Well, their adopted grandma. Can you believe it? She is 98 1/2 years old. 
 photo IMG_4955_zpsa228da02.jpg


  1. It looks like y'all had a nice day out!

  2. Love your red, white, and blue outfit Mommy! Wow, 98?? That's so awesome!!!

  3. Your outfit is adorable and it looks like you guys had a wonderful day of fun! :)

  4. Love the colors on you. Looks laid back, cool and chic

  5. Seems like you had a great day. Always nice to visit the elderly. She looks real good for her age. A day at the park is very relaxing and enjoyable.

  6. I so love your sneakers sis! It looks very comfy. I just realized I don't have blue sneakers. LOL

  7. Happy 4th of July! Yup, it's a very pleasant weather to wander around and be with family.

  8. Happy family!
    What is her secret to reach that age?


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