Monday, October 13, 2014

Homemade, Handmade Clothing

It is another Homemade, Handmade Clothing portion on the blog today. If you ever noticed, I make a lot of clothes for my girl and not for my boy. I basically buy ready-made clothes for my boy online that he can wear to school. My little girl is the baby in the house and she is still at that age where she will wear the clothes that I make for her. And like I always say, while she still does, I better enjoy it. So homemade and handmade clothing it is. 

About a couple weeks ago, we went to a thrift store here in Wyoming and I saw some of these fun fabrics at the fabric aisle, and immediately I thought of making a dress or a romper for my little girl. I am pretty sure the first one is a vintage fabric, but I am not sure about the other one with the letters and all. I found another vintage fabric at the store that I like so much, but when I checked the price tag, I thought it wasn't right for me to pay $3 for a little piece of fabric. Bummer, though! I ended up with these two instead for about $1 a piece. And here's what I made out of these fabrics. 

 photo IMG_5652_zpsaba3ff76.jpg

Materials Used: 
Fabric: thrift find for $1 a piece
-- I used snaps on all the closure for the clothes. Easy to install, Easy to use. 
-- I used a blue biased tape for the dress and some crocheted lace that I found from a rummage sale. 

 photo IMG_5691_zpse0763e35.jpg

 photo IMG_5688_zpsac240127.jpg

First one is a simple skirt. All I did was cut a piece of my vintage fabric into a rectangle, sew the ends together, make a casing for the elastic band, and sew the hem. I added a crocheted lace on the bottom and the skirt is done! The crocheted lace is from a rummage sale find. It was in a vintage sewing box filled with sewing kits and other crocheted laces. 

 photo IMG_5708_zps9354b0d6.jpg

Next one is the Alphabet Letter "Romper"
I don't have a pattern for this one, but I used my little girl's existing piece of clothing that fits her well as a template. That yellow part on the front wasn't in the plan, but then later on I decided to add it. Now I am not sure if I should have added it or not. Because when I showed the romper to my husband, his immediate response was "very clownish". Agh! Oh well! I guess she can just wear it in the house, then. What do you think? It's okay. You can tell me the truth. 

 photo IMG_5702_zps832a6917.jpg

 photo IMG_5697_zps63060328.jpg

At first I thought the romper was too big for my girl, but then when she put them on, it was just right for her. I guess I keep forgetting (or maybe I just didn't want to think of it) that my girl is growing up fast. She is no longer a newborn, but a toddler. 

 photo IMG_5701_zpsb74c49bc.jpg

 photo IMG_5702_zps2bc162ab.jpg

 photo IMG_5712_zpsad7347e9.jpg

 photo IMG_5715_zps8a78b8e5.jpg

 photo IMG_5717_zpsa6f80efe.jpg

 photo IMG_5719_zps06b7f629.jpg

The front and butt gusset allows plenty of room to move around. The thought of adding a gusset wasn't in the plan until I made a mistake cutting my fabric for the bottom part. 

And the last Homemade Handmade item is the "A Child's Garden Verses" Dress. 
I named it that way because that is what it says on the fabric. And I thought it was adorable! 

I used a blue biased tape on the neckline of the dress, then I added some crocheted lace on the neckline and on the hem. The dress has an elastic waist, and elastic on the bottom of the sleeves. 

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsbdc4556d.jpg

 photo IMG_5690_zpsa5cfc681.jpg

The blue buttons on the front aren't really buttons. They are snaps. 

 photo IMG_5694_zpsaf2e4cae.jpg

 photo IMG_5676_zps8c7e2dab.jpg

 photo IMG_5677_zpsc6f406bf.jpg

 photo IMG_5693_zpsa61e2c41.jpg

I look forward to another thrift shopping next weekend and I hope I could find some more vintage fabrics and maybe even some vintage dresses for the girl. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I get lucky. Have a great one! 


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