Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our New Teepee With Fringes, Hand Prints, And Chevron Prints

Yaye! A new bigger Teepee is up in the house. Remember when I made this temporary Teepee for my little girl bee? Well, I promised my kids I was going to make them a bigger one, one that they both can fit in. And, a promise has been made. Behold! A new Teepee with fringes, hand prints, and chevron prints. Ta Dah! Eck! What do you think, guys? 

 photo IMG_5811_zpsad77c8f0.jpg

 photo IMG_5828_zps79eb747f.jpg

You want to ask me how long did it take me to finish the project? A couple of days. It took me two days because I had a little bit of an issue while sewing up the pieces of the Teepee. But nevertheless, my project is done and my kids are happy. And yes, they went to sleep for a couple of nights in their Teepee. I am telling you, it is nice and warm inside the Teepee. It holds heat pretty well and perfect for those chilly nights. 

 photo IMG_5829_zpsc3b94a5b.jpg

It is a simple construction that includes some hand prints from both of my kids and from my husband (the monster hand print in the middle). I free handed the Chevron prints on the bottom and those two initials on the top with the red star (as my little girl would call it) are stenciled using some leftover stencils from a previous project. The fringes are made from a faux leather that I got from a thrift store for cheap some years ago. 

Materials used for the project:

- Wood from Home Depot (don't ask me the measurement because I forgot) 

- Yarn 
(I forgot to get me some rope to tie the Teepee, but since I have some yarn in the house, I used that instead. If you want to make a teepee, it is best to use the rope to tie it. Or some leather strips. Or whatever you like to use to tie the wood pieces together. Just not the crochet yarn that I used. M'kay! I will replace it though.)

- Canvas Dropcloth- Home Depot (the one that is around $10 and there are two in a pack)

- Faux Leather for the fringes- thrift find 

- Stencils for the Initials and the Red Star Or Red Burst in the middle

- Painter's Pens (I used Black, Red, and Blue in designing the teepee)

And oh! The grey carpet is from Menards. It is one of those cheap Interior/Exterior carpet that I think we got for like $10. It is big, but I cut it up into a square for the floor of the Teepee. I also painted the edge with white paint. 

 photo IMG_5781_zps396809f8.jpg

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 photo IMG_5793_zps291870cc.jpg
Did I say I made it for my kids? I guess daddy wants to play in the Teepee, too. The big kid couldn't resist. 

 photo IMG_5795_zps0afeb994.jpg

 photo IMG_5802_zpsb2139c23.jpg
One warm and cozy night in the Teepee. Have a great one, everyone!!! 


  1. Omgosh, this is so cute! My cousin has one for his son that he bought on Etsy. I love that you made your own! I may have to give this a try. The fringe is just too cute!

    1. Hi Tricia, thank you so much for stopping by and your comment. It is very DIY-able and can be made cheaply. I didn't want to buy one because I know I can make one for my kids. Some even have teepee tutorials that don't require sewing at all, but I opted for this one. If you ever happen to make one, I hope yours turns out well. And please do share. Have great one!

    2. I'm trying to leave a comment but keep getting an error. Let me see if I can comment as a reply :).... Great job!! I bet you could sell these :) Super fun!

  2. How amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

  3. How cool! It looks great, and it's THE perfect for for kids.

  4. What a fun project! the kids look like they are having a blast..

  5. This is super adorable! I would love to have one of these for Baby Mash. Oh the games and imaginary stories!

  6. Kids love forts and secret places. This is incredible. I'm going to pin it.

  7. My son has an American Indian theme in his room, this would be a perfect addition. His dad's side is 100% Am. Indian. :)

  8. This is so cute. Your kids look so happy!

  9. I adore this! Normally, you see the fort...but the tepee....I'm in love!

  10. What a cute tepee! Seems like it was a huge success!

  11. That's so cute! And your kids seem to love it. Great work.

  12. so cute, i would love for someone to build this for my girls.

  13. This teepee is so cute! My daughter would love this!

  14. This is too cool! My kids would love this!


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