Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Family Summer Vacation Part 5: Mammoth Hot Springs- Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming

The first picture doesn't really tell much how beautiful and breathtaking the view is, but it is in real life. We just had to stop and look around. Plus, we needed some time to rest our aching butts from a long drive. We Love Yellowstone National Park!

I know it is kind of crazy to be sharing photos of our vacation this summer when it is already November and it is freezing outside, but it is such a beautiful and magical place that I just had to share it with you. Just in case you haven't been to Yellowstone yet, this will just give you some insights of what it is like out there. Although my photos aren't that great, but hopefully it does excite you to visit the park someday. 

These photos I am sharing with you today are from our visit to Mammoth Hot Springs where we saw a herd of elk up close and personal. I think this was one of our highlights during that afternoon while exploring the gorgeous Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. Have a safe and warm one! 

 photo IMG_5635_zps01cebf87.jpg
Approaching Mammoth Hot Springs

 photo IMG_5655_zps414192a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5661_zpsec70b596.jpg

 photo IMG_5649_zps08b2f993.jpg

 photo IMG_5650_zps295fa9fc.jpg

 photo IMG_5666_zps88ef4888.jpg

 photo IMG_5667_zps55801211.jpg

 photo IMG_5665_zpsdab14229.jpg

 photo IMG_5663_zps1069dbe7.jpg

 photo 10596007_10204586937699302_1875515365_n_zps1b32b2ea.jpg

 photo IMG_5657_zpsec1b740e.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zps1b88bb5b.jpg

 photo IMG_5653_zpscd92bfa0.jpg

 photo IMG_5672_zps9915defd.jpg

 photo IMG_5687_zps61c9521b.jpg

 photo IMG_5644_zpsa2dab046.jpg

 photo 10615803_10204586943339443_825036289_n_zpsc9a4c931.jpg

 photo IMG_5690_zps3edfeb74.jpg

 photo IMG_5681_zpsf2ba5769.jpg

 photo IMG_5646_zps9b1b4084.jpg

 photo IMG_5647_zpsfb570470.jpg

 photo IMG_5648_zps8978b4b6.jpg

 photo IMG_5642_zps5600b1be.jpg

 photo IMG_5640_zps63b50e86.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zpsd31ea53f.jpg

 photo IMG_5643_zpsbf8bd5b6.jpg

 photo IMG_5644_zps8aa5a1c1.jpg


  1. What an amazing day! I am so jealous. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone!

  2. Your pictures are just breath taking... truly, no need for words! I want to visit someday :)

  3. Oh I would love to go and visit and I just love your photos. Beautiful is an understatement.

  4. What beautiful pictures! And gorgeous landscape! I'd love to go there sometime!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! So awesome that you were that close to elk!

  6. In this kind of travel post and photos I get to travel. thanks for sharing, beautiful place, makes me want to go camping right now.

  7. You took some amazing photos! Visiting Yellowstone is on my bucket list.

  8. Looks like an amazing adventure. It's wonderful to get a glimpse of green around this time of the year.

  9. I'd love to visit. I think places like this sound so amazing and they are perfect for a summer vacation.

  10. What a great family spot : I would love to visit. Your photos are simply stunning

  11. It has been WAY too long since I was out there. I'd just adore going back. You reminded me of all the beauty!

  12. What a great vacation time. Your landscape photos are fabulous!


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