Monday, November 10, 2014

Thrifted Treasures: November Thrift Haul

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Just in time for this Polar Vortex type of weather, my thrift haul for today involves warm army jacket, warm wool beanie, and some gloves at a fraction of the cost. You got to love thrift shopping!

Our weekend was spent thrift shopping and grocery shopping, so we can get ready for this crazy cold weather. Since we didn't get to go to the city, because we were supposed to get a bike for our birthday girl, we ended up hitting an Army Surplus store. We didn't get what we intentionally planned to buy, but boy am I glad we went. I scored me a really warm jacket with a hoodie on, and a warm wool beanie. Yaye! Next time we thrift shop, we are going back to that Army Surplus store in Douglas, Wyoming. 

Although the jacket I got is a size small/short, it is still a bit big on me. But that didn't stop me from wearing it. It is a good looking worn out jacket, that I think my husband was eyeing on it. He confessed he tried it on while I was sleeping and it fits him well. I would have given it to him (just like the Camouflage Jacket I thrift-ed intended for me and I gave it to him because he loved it), but he should should have told me he liked it before I stuck that jacket in the dryer. Now the sleeves are a bit short for his long arms. Well, next time my dear. I saw another one like this at the same store, that you can buy. 

Anyway, here are some of our thrift haul for this month. Some of these items are actually from a different thrift store in the same town. In case you happen to be in Douglas, Wyoming, don't forget to visit the town's thrift stores. You might just find something you absolutely have to have. 

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My boys braving the strong wind and cold walk to school today. It is a good thing they didn't have to walk that far. Be safe, everyone! 

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Okay, this is like a horrible picture of me in the jacket, but I will share a few nice photos next time. It is too windy outside for photos. Plus, this is just to show you how the jacket looks like. I am drowning in my own jacket. Let's just pretend I am super stylish and I can pull off an oversize jacket look. Mmmkay?

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It is warm and I love, love, love the color. It is comfortable to wear and not itchy at all. Too bad this was the only thing left at the store, but next time they might have some more of these so I can get three more for the family. 

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These two pairs of gloves I got from a different thrift store called This N That in Douglas, WY. They were in a box with other random things that looked like no one would even bother digging through them. But I did! That's one thing about thrift shopping is that you have to be willing to dig through piles of stuff to find a treasure. These gloves are still in great condition. They didn't even look like they were worn and if they were, the owner did a great job taking care of the gloves. 

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Another thrift find that I am excited about is this beautiful wall hanging decor. I didn't even notice this the first time we visited the store, but I found it on the second time we visited. There were a couple of wall hangings at the store, but this one is really unique. Just check out the photo below to find out what it is made of. Score! My husband didn't notice this right off the bat, but later on he did and asked where I got it from. He thought it was just the neatest thing ever. I am glad he likes it because I had to stay behind and waited until him and the kids are loaded up in the Jeep and I hurried off to buy this thing. Sneaky me! 

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Yes, it is a 2002 Calendar, but the reason I got it is because of those beautiful pictures/paintings. I am planning on cutting all those pictures and put them in frames, but I don't know now. It has that vintage look, which I love. 

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When I saw this painting, I just thought it would be perfect in the kitchen. Just look at those hilarious illustrations of the Dark Horse Eats. Would you eat there? 

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Those tin cans too are thrift finds. The one to the right used to be a tea container, but now it serves as a hiding place for my husband's chocolate. Best place to hide the chocolate so the kids wouldn't know. 

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And speaking of frames, I actually got a few picture frames at the thrift store and a few other posters that are now hanging in our living room and our kids' rooms. Best way to save some money is to buy frames from the store. Just DIY them if you like to make it look like new and customize it the way you want it. 

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We actually bought a bunch of things from the thrift store, but there are just some of the items that I would like to show you. Now tell me, do you thrift shop? Do you have an Army Surplus store near you? Have you been thrift shopping lately? Do share! 


  1. I love going to thrift stores. You can find so many different and unique things. There are quite a few in Dothan, Alabama. Even some churches have thrift stores here. I like it because I can find all kinds of different things too. Some I need and some I just want.

  2. I like taking my children to thrift stores because they always find a nice treasure.


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