Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 13/366: Digital Steamer

Last year on the month of November, my husband surprised me when a huge package came in the mail two weeks after I gave birth to our little girl. I didn't know what was in it until I opened the box and saw this- Digital Steamer. 

I asked him before that I would love to have a steamer as my Christmas gift and nothing else. I don't want anything except things that I can use in the kitchen and not just me who can benefit it. With that said, my husband bought it for me online and I didn't know that he was going to as he didn't say anything to me. I was sure excited to have it. The reason that I wanted the steamer is that I want to make some siopao (steamed buns). I miss the siopao in the Philippines and I wanted to make some homemade. I did, but it didn't turn out quite right, but there is always room for improvement and next time I know what to do. Anyway, here is my digital steamer.

I was making some homemade pizza and bread sticks the other night and I wanted some chicken for one of my toppings so what I did was to steam the chicken so that I don't have to cook it in oil. The steamer worked so well and faster. I love this thing! I always thank my husband for getting me things for the kitchen that I can absolutely use.

(Steaming the chicken is less fat and much healthier.)

I love that whenever I am cooking some meat I can use the drippings to make some gravy, then I can cook some rice as well on the top rack if I wanted to. 

This is one thing off of my wish list and hopefully next Christmas, Santa will grant me my other wish. This baby- KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer in PEAR. Ahhhhhhhh!!!


  1. those are nice Sis, wala ko ing-ana :-) Visiting from #47 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  2. how convenient isn't it?! bisan patong patong lang, veggies, ug uban pa...ehehee...lami ni himo ug puto ug! I love digital steamer!

    1. MommyDhemz very handy jud kay pwede ka magluto ug bisan unsa in one setting kay tulo man sya ka tier. Naa pod 4-tiered na steamer kani lang akoa gipapalit. Gusto pod ko kadtong bamboo na steamer someday pod bisan dili sya de kuryente. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I would love to have one! that is really nice! thanks for visiting~ BPC lovin'!

  4. Nice! This is still in my wish list :-) I want one para makaluto ko ug puto cheese :-)
    Visiting for the 366BPC!

  5. Nice! You just gave me an idea to have a steamer, that way we can steam chicken and vegetables :) Thanks for the visit.

  6. That steamer is nice.. really convenient jud pang steam sa siopao, siomai ug uban pang food..

    Visiting from Taste Matters for Project 366.

  7. jelly mode! hehe... the only thing hubby bought for me for the kitchen is the microwave... oh, also the electric oven for me to bake... same here, i would love to have a mixer! bpc 47 visit

  8. i love my steamer too! i get compliments with my veggies. my guys just love my steam brocolli, green beans, baby carrots, asparagus and of course puto! yum!

  9. My friend has the same thing like this Mommy. Akoang steamer kay dili digital, mano-mano jud. Itak-ang jud naku sa kalayo. Pero good enough for my puto and putomaya. :D Pareho ta, I want my presents to be utensils or equipment I could use in the kitchen. Sunod naku nga wishlist kay breadmaker. :D Mahal man kaayo oi. Si hubby mo-volunteer lang daw sya ug masa manually. LOL

    Late BPC 47 visit here!


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