Saturday, March 24, 2012

71-Degree Weather

We had another warm sunny weather today after almost a week of raining. Although we surely needed that moisture, but it was just nice to be able to spend time outside and also hang clothes on the line. Saves electricity by not using the dryer and I needed the sun bleaching as well especially for my little girl's cloth diapers. It was such a beautiful sunny weather that we were able to sun bathe again. Wonderful! Thank you God!

Lots of shadows today.
Whenever the sun is up, the shadows show up!

Hanging clothes and cloth diapers outside. Oh how festive the colors on the line are!

One of our pear trees in the yard. Hoping there will be good pears this year!

These were some of the shadow shots taken today. How about you? Care to share some? 


  1. We were in the 80s last week but now it's back to 60s hehehe. Beautiful shots Mami Adin.

    Thanks for the gorgeous contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Shadows of Nothingness, have a blessed Sunday!

    1. Same here mommy Rose we were to the 80's last week, it was like it jumped to summer and no longer spring. It was really nice outside today. It was beautiful! Thank you as well!

  2. Clothes colours look so bright and fresh on a line outside! Lovely views in your world of shadow and sunlight! And love the Goethe quote!

  3. Oh how I love the shadow shot of the clothes hanging on the line. Wonderful photo!
    Happy Sunday!!

  4. funny shadows from the cloth :) very nice!

  5. Cloth diapers! Bless your heart! And everything hanging out in the fresh air and sunshine to become fragrant and sweet-smelling. Wonderful!

    Shadowy Poppy

  6. I just love this series of photos!! The diapers on the line make wonderful shadows.

  7. STUNNING SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Beautiful compositions.
    I especially like the last one.

    Regards and best wishes


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