Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adventure Island Water Park, Florida- 2010

It was summer of 2010 when my sister-in-law invited us over to her place in Venice, Florida. Since we miss the ocean so much and she's been visiting us here in Kansas a few times, we decided that it was our turn to come see her. We were a bit apprehensive because our little man was almost 2 years old and flying will be his first experience. Knowing him, we didn't know how the flight was going to pan out, and we were nervous to fly thinking that our little boy could have a meltdown at anytime since he can't run or walk around for 2 hours during the flight. As a rookie mom, I packed a lot of items that would entertain the boy as he gets bored just sitting down and doing nothing. To make the long story short, we survived and we made it to Florida and back home safe even for the little problems here and there.

While we were in the sunshine state of Florida, we were able to explore quite a bit of places and sampled some really good seafood. Hmmm... Fish! Fish! Fish! Fresh ocean fish, baby! Aside from going to the beach, we also visited few water parks and one of that is the Adventure Island Water Park right across the Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. I think it was about an hour drive or so from Venice to the water park. Since it was at the peak of summer, the park was filled with people and there were so many fun things happening, music and dancing. Tons of fun things for the family and friends to do. The park opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM and we were there until the park was close. It sure was a fun-filled day. Thank you sis Covina for the treat! We didn't make it to the Busch Gardens, but maybe next time. For now, here are some photos of the water park.

We were there before 9:00. Early birds!

That shorty one is me with the Tahitian Dancers.

When the sun goes down, the party begins! 
There were lots of music, drum playing, dancing, games,  great entertainment for everyone and we decided to stay.

Macho Fire Dancer.

Right after the show, we took some photos with the dancers. Man! I am so shorty. My little man had enough and was ready to hit the sack.What a day!

Hope you enjoyed your visit today!


  1. Awesome FL photos, Mommy Adin! Love them all! :)

    BPC hop!

  2. Your vacay pictures look great as usual,,,you have been to a lot of places! Your little one looks so cute...he seemed to be soaking in the atmosphere. The adventure park looks like a fun place to be. Yet to visit florida!


  3. Super nice naman..

    Visiting for #94 challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  4. wow! sexy momma! Those were lovely pictures. was here for TT. Appreciate it if you can drop by my entry

  5. beautiful family pictures...looks like y'all had fun in Florida :-) I've been dying to visit this place but when oh when :-) Returning from BPC.


  6. I could have visited this paradise-like place if only i've went with my hubby. he's from Tampa,Florida

  7. wow! how entertaining...lots of things going on...love to go places like this...ka bibo kau! of course sexy mami ever....:)

  8. Hello Adin, looks like all of you really had fun!

    I wish to visit places like this in the future. We havenot much like this here in the Philippines.

    Thank you for visiting my TT.

  9. Cannot wait to hit Florida again this summer for our annual vacation, that park looks like a lot of fun! excited to see the ocean again... thanks for stopping by~ Mama's Musings.

  10. Nice summer getaway i had fun looking at your photos. Spreading the love ♥ from BPC ;)

  11. All I can say is WOW! :) . . it seems that you are really having fun with your family, well, keep it up and always enjoy with them.. (^_^)

    Blog Photo Challenge Visit here.. http://www.yogionline.info/2012/04/03/celebration-for-my-sister/

  12. i can see the little guy was so tired in the second from the last photo. looks like he is so ready to hit the sack dyud. hehehe. cute gihapon. great photos sis! and u look great!

    from BPC

  13. Nice. I really wanted to take a shot in the water park in our place here but we are not allowed to take a snap and only in a few occasions.

  14. beautiful pictures of the family and views too Momi Adin :-) love those sexy dancers too :-) Dropping by from TT.


  15. i so wish to visit Florida one day! thanks for the photos Adin.

    from TT =D


  16. ka sexy sa mommy diri..love all the photos, but wondering the dander beside you Adin. is he or she lol. kanang the tallest...waaa. thanks for the BPC #94 visit.

    1. hahahaha.... katawa man ko nimo Pretty Kat. Mura bitaw sya ug dili she sa... true babae na sya dako lang kaayo igsuon na sya sa kana katapad nako on the other side. :) Salamat! :)

  17. take two...correction..."dancer" and not "dander". hehe

  18. my goodness, babaye na sila? dagko man gud. hehe ka-nice anang Florida oi. I hope we can visit the beautiful places there someday. sensya na sa late visit sis ha. from 366 BPC.

  19. Wooot, pagkasexy mo Mommy Adin oi!

  20. back here Mommy Adin for last week's TT! As always, thanks for joining! If you haven't yet, linky for this week is now open! :)


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